How To Create An Action Plan (FREE Action Plan Template)

If you want to learn how to create an action plan and need an action plan template, then look no further. Today, I’m going to be discussing how you can create one in five easy steps. The action plan template can be downloaded at the end of this post!

I regularly get asked by people in our community, "What is an action plan?”, “Do you have an action plan example?” or, “How do I put an action plan around a goal I want to achieve in my life?"

The truth is, creating an action plan is quite simple. Here are the five steps on how to create a goal action plan.

5 Steps To Create An Action Plan Template

Step 1 - What Do You Actually Want To Create?

What do you actually want to create imageYou need to get clarity on your desired outcome by asking yourself this question. For example, you want to get your body fat down to 12% and look trim, toned and terrific.

Step 2 - Create A Timeline

Create a timeline imageIn our action plan sample, get a piece of paper, and on the left-hand side, write the letter A. On the right-hand side, write the letter B.

Next, simply draw a line from A to B.

Now that you have this action plan template with A on one side and B on the other, you are ready to start creating your timeline which will eventually become your action plan.

Step 3 - Brain Dump

Brain dump imageBrainstorm and write down every single action you think you might need to take in order to achieve your goal.

In the 12% body fat example, this might be: change my diet, go to the gym, do some sit-ups, drink more water, and find mentors that I know who have an incredible physique that might want to share their strategies on how to do that.

Step 4 - Order The List

Order the list imageLook down the list while looking for any actions that are similar. This is done so you can shorten the list down to the smallest number of actions you need to take to achieve your goal.

Now you may be left with around 6-8 steps to put on your action plan template.

Step 5 - First Essential Step

Ask yourself, "What is the very first essential step that I need to take in order to move towards my outcome?"

Once you know that first step, place it right next to the 'A' that you drew. Now that becomes the first step in your action plan.

Ask yourself that question again. Place that answer next in the timeline.

Pretty soon, you have a full timeline going from A to B with every single step required and in the correct order.

Now you have an effective and detailed action plan.

How To Create An Action Plan (FREE Action Plan Template) in conclusion image

Action Plan Template Free Download

Here is a simple action plan example that you can print out to start you on your journey towards achieving your goals.

I look forward to seeing you in action, achieving your dreams and living an inspired life!

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