A Powerful Analogy For Your Vision, Mission & Purpose


Would you like more clarity on the direction of your life? Most people do, but they are too confused with terms like vision, mission, purpose and values.

The trick is you need to be able to VISUALIZE it. Once you see it, you can understand it and gain greater meaning, success and fulfilment.

I certainly come across lots of people out there that have certain moments in life where they:

• struggle with meaningworried-girl
• struggle with why they’re meant to be doing what they’re doing
• struggle with why they’re going to work
• struggle with why they’re doing this task day-in and day-out
• struggle with trying to find what their purpose to life is

In doing so, they often struggle to find what is it they want to dedicate their life to.

So today I want to share with you a powerful analogy that clarifies the importance of having a vision, a mission, values, a purpose, a message, and sprinkle in some goals along the way.

1. Your Mission (Path)

We can imagine actually a path that you’re walking along, this is the path that you’re going to be journeying through for your life. Now this path, it represents what one might call their mission – as in how they’re going to get to where they want to get to.

2. Your Vision (Sun)

You’ll notice that the path leads all the way out to a big red sun. This sun represents your vision – so if we just start with the understanding that first of all; our mission is going to take us up to our vision.

3. Your Purpose (Question Mark)

Notice down the bottom – there’s a question mark – now this question mark resembles your purpose in life. As in why you’re going to get on this journey to begin with, why is it you’re going to step on this path, walk all the way up and eventually get to your vision in life?

So the purpose becomes the “Why we do what we do?”, the mission may become the “How we are going to do what we do?”, and the vision  becomes the “What we are exactly going to create as a result of that?”.

4. Your Values (Compass)

compassThe compass resembles our values in life, as in that which we deemed to be most important in any given time. The reason we like to resemble or represent your values as a compass is because your values let you know in any given time whether or not you’re on path or off path.

Your values are those things that when you are doing, and living, and experiencing them from day-in and day-out – you’re feeling those feelings of fulfillment, of inspiration, of gratitude, of presence and certainly of love! That’s really how we know that we’re on track with where we’re going to. So we like to pick up the compass, have a good reason why, get on our path which is our mission, and start making our way up to our vision.

5. Your Goals (Signposts)

optionsNotice also that they are some green signposts that are pointing on certain directions along your path. The green signposts actually represent your goals in life but people often have a misunderstanding about what goals really are. They set these goals


which they basically just want to go and achieve the thing – but when they get there, they stop doing whatever they were doing and all of a sudden they go back on the yo-yoing system.

Goals are simply signposts to let you know that you are progressing in the right direction. When you’re setting your goals make sure that they are progress pillars – they are not the final destination, because a lot of people who achieve their goals often find a sense of depression coming in straight after that because the goals were not linked in a meaningful way to their ultimate vision.

To go over it once again…

•  We’re going to get a reason for why we’re going to walk on the path.
•  We’re going to grab our compass which is our values.
•  We’re going to allow our values to let us now that we are in fact on path as we pass the signposts which are our goals.
•  Our goals will give us a good indication, a good feedback loop to let us know that we are progressing at the right direction.
•  The path is what we know as our mission – as in how we going to do what we’re actually going to be doing and this path ultimately is going to lead us to our vision in life – that thing that we hold deep inside our heart that has the most amount of meaning, which we’ll most likely dedicate our life to creating.

  • The infographic below can deepen your understanding

vision mission purpose values goals infographic

6. Your Message (Voice)

This 6th part is for people that want to help others. Your message is the thing! If you’re walking down the street on your mission, going towards your vision in your life and you’re certainly experiencing fulfilment in every single action because you’re living truly your values. Then someone’ to come up and ask you “Hi, what’s going on and how have you been?”. That one sentence you respond to them about the whole meaning of what it is you do – that becomes your message in life.

Think about it like this…

If you could only tell someone one thing in life about their business, their career, finances, health, partnerships, whatever it is – if you could only tell someone, one thing.

What is it that you would like to tell them?

Just make a list of all the short sentences you would like to tell somebody, if you could only tell them one sentence – and lo and behold just start to be moving closer to your message.

For example, my message in life “is to live your love” so there’s only one thing that I could ever tell you to do – it would be “live your love”. If I’m walking down the street of my mission heading towards my vision, someone bumps into me and I’ve only got one thing I can say to them – I’d say “live your love”. My advice is go ahead and put down some short sentences and start to try and identify – what is your message.

Just to go back through it one last time…

• Get clear on your values.
• Know WHY you do what you do.
• Walk the mission with absolute certainty.
• Use the goal posts as feedback loops.
• When you meet people on the side of the road, share your message with them.
• Never stop moving toward your ultimate vision in life.

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Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-founder of Authentic Education. He is exquisite at inspiring people to share their message, make a difference in the world and live abundantly on purpose.

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