Countdown to Success

What do swimming carnivals, tenpin bowling and getting what you want most in life all have in common?

When I was growing up at school, I used to swim virtually every single morning, for about two hours before I went to school and I used to compete quite a lot in swimming carnivals. One of the things that happens at a swimming carnival is that when you are on the blocks they say "on your mark, get set, go!"

Now, later on in life, I realised that there was something going on here when it comes to races. There is some type of mental preparation that you go through when you are in fact getting ready to do something or perform at a higher level.

Now, if all the top Olympian Athletes around the world are given some sort of warm up signal before they begin their race, then wouldn't it make sense that we do that for our own goals in life?

Where does tenpin bowling fit in?

Well, it's just got 10 pins! However, I am going to show you a strategy, right now, of exactly how you can use a warm up and the number 10 to assist you to go out there and create incredible things.bowling

What I have found is that most people have trouble and are struggling to actually get their goals started. Say you have a goal like "I want to go and get trim, taut, toned and terrific and I want to lose some kilos and get my body fat percentage down as low as I can get it". You set the greatest of intentions and clarify what you want, but for some reason you have a failure to launch it.

What I have worked out with the goals in my life

I give myself preparation to mentally prepare for the actual event itself. It actually allows me to take more successive action.

One of the things I  most like to do is:

  • to think about a goal that I would most like to achieve
  • then I count myself down, from 10 days out

What I do, is look at my calendar on my telephone and I let myself know that in 10 days from now, I am going to begin this thing I am going to do. Whatever the habit, the ritual, the action or the task I am going to complete, I let myself know it is going to be happening in 10 days.

Then every morning for the next 10 days

I wake up and I say:10-day-countdown

  • "Great, 9 days to go!"
  • Then I wake and say "8 days to go!"
  • Then I wake up and say "7 days to go!"
  • And then I wake up and say "6 days to go!"
  • ... and so on and so forth.

What I found, certainly with the goals I have wanted to achieve in my life, is that this has been hugely beneficial for getting the mental preparation in place, so that when "day 1" rolls around, I am ready to fire.

So, next time you set a goal, don't just blindly jump in, struggle around and try to swim for your life, so to speak. My advise is to take 10 days out, prior to the beginning of your goal to get yourself ready. Count down from 10 to 1, mentally prepare for it, and you will find you are taking action far more effectively.

This is what I call the Countdown to Success Strategy

My advice is to use it and let it us know how you go with it. Comment down below, share this video with your friends and by all accounts, any successes in the year that you do get using the Countdown to Success Strategy, please let us know.

In summary, please make sure you prepare yourself mentally, like a "Ready, set, go!" or "On your marks, get set, go!" Just give yourself 10 days, which is what I have found to be most beneficial. You can trim it down to 7 if you like, but enough days to get yourself in the zone of what it is that you are going to be doing.

Also, each night as you go to sleep, mentally prepare yourself for the next day getting closer and closer to that action.

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