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Life Rewards Action

Finding-life-purposeIt's really important we understand that LIFE REWARDS ACTION. You don't have to get it right; you just have to get it started! Today, you need to start organising your knowledge TODAY. Whatever it is you love, start today.

Here's the cool thing: it doesn't matter if you change your mind later, don't worry about that. Once you know how to organise your knowledge following really accurate templates, then you can change the topic anytime you like. But if you're thinking: "I have to get it absolutely right before I get started..." Forget that! Whatever you like today - just do that!

Here's how children play with toys: they play with the toy until its boring… and children just have a lot of fun don't they? But then you put them into a schooling system that was invented back when factory work was the most common type of job.

Schooling systems were designed to convince you that you need to have one idea, do it for the rest of your life and follow the formula, because if you don't leave school with that idea, then factories don't work. And if factories don't work the human race can't function. It's not a conspiracy, it's just a fact.

Now factories have become more automated. We don't need as many factory workers anymore, but the schooling system is still trying to catch up with that idea. When you leave school you're convinced that you're going to have a really crystal clear idea. And when you go, you really have to know exactly what degree you're going to pick, because that's what you will live for the rest of your life.

You and I know that's not true.

The most successful people on the planet, their purpose isn’t one thing - their purpose is many things. One of the biggest mistakes we made with purpose is that we're thinking as one thing. And also thinking that we'll do it for the rest of our life, they are the two biggest mistakes people make with purpose. It's one thing and I'll do it forever. That's rubbish, it's many things and you do it until it's boring, that's the beauty of life.

One of the greatest lessons I've gotten from one of my teachers is this: just because you manifest it doesn't mean you have to use it. Just because I built an entire successful Reiki attunement practice doesn't mean I have to use it. Reiki isn't better or worse, it's just nowadays I don't get inspired by it.

I remember I was doing a healing on a lady back in 2009, I put my hands on her and I was bored. I finished the session and I didn't charge her at all. I said "I don't want to charge you, this one is on the house." I never did a healing after that because it's an insult to client if I kept doing healing after I lost my inspiration.

Now I've got a baby girl and I do Reiki on her all the time. I do Reiki on myself every night before I go to sleep too. But, to do it on another person and not have the inspiration? Well that's not really fair on that person, is it?

It doesn't mean that things are better or worse, it means that you chop and change your move. You just move with what's right for you. I didn't appreciate that everybody learns differently so I just forced my way of learning on to you because to not have manual means I didn't have to make it. But I changed.

I still do my healing, but I just do it with words now. You have got to honour what's inspiring today, but don't think you'll dedicate your life to it. It's the biggest illusion on planet earth. Just watch kids in a playground and you'll learn how to live a life, because you'll learn everything you can from how life is meant to be - it's meant to be: do what's inspiring today, if it's not inspiring tomorrow, stop doing it - that's it. That's the way you live your life, that's fun, that's enjoyable.

Secret-Of-Success1Look at Richard Branson, for example, every week he's finding something new. I mean the guy gets bored very quickly, very quickly! Oprah Winfrey is a personal development speaker now, and she's going to do that until it's boring. Do you see how it works? These people don't have one purpose they have multiple things and they do them until it’s boring.

Give yourself permission to do things until they are boring. Don't think you're going to do them for the rest of your life because that stops you dead in your tracks.

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