Follow Your Passion With These 5 Powerful Questions

"Follow your passion and the money will follow." The reason we hear this is because, passion is vital in your career and life, because as Oprah Winfrey puts it "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

But what if you're confused though? What if you're confused about what your passion actually is? Or, like most people, you don't have a clue whatsoever?

The reason most people fail in finding their passion is they have an unrealistic expectation of how it goes. They're expecting some "Eureka!" moment where they strike the gold, or they fall head over heels in love at very first sight. This might happen in the movies, but in the real world it takes a little longer than one second to love a person, or to unlock your passion for life.

The good news is you can discover your passion today by taking the find your passion test below:

Question 1: What Do You Want It To Be?

Imagine it's your birthday and someone buys you an annual magazine subscription. What type of magazine would you want it to be? Maybe it's about health like CrossFit, or maybe it's about finance like Property Investing, or maybe it's about like a travel magazine or something.

Write down as many of these ideas as possible, because as Thomas Edison said "The way to have a great idea is by having many ideas." So, make sure you capture as many concepts as you could about what sort of magazine subscription you would like.

Question 2: What Do You Actually Love To Do In Your Free Time?

What's enjoyable for you? What do you find fulfilling? Do you like to garden? Do you like to go snowboarding? Do you like to catch up with your friends? Or, do you like to read a good book?

If you get stuck what you might be able to do is just go back to last week, or even last month, or last year. I mean, you could even look at your calendar or even check any notes around of what you've been up to, and you'll clearly start to see how you spend your spare time.

Question 3: How Do You Spend Your Spare Money?

As they say, the numbers do not lie. Now you can tell what you're passionate about by how you actually spend any leftover money.

Maybe it's on food, maybe it's on travel, maybe it's on education. I mean, you could even look at your bank account or your credit card statements if you get stuck on what it is.

I know that when I got started in this industry well over 10 years ago, I pulled out my bank statement to have a bit of a look about what I'm passionate about.

When all expenses had left my account it was pretty clear to see what I was passionate about, because all the other entries on my bank statement was seminar, course, workshop, seminar, workshop, certification course.

All of the courses I attended were centralised around energy healing, mindset, psychology, and a little bit of business. So, it was pretty clear to me at a very early stage when I left my career what I was passionate about.

Question 4: What Has Motivated Or Inspired You In The Past?

Think about all the moments in your life or in your career where you enjoyed doing something. Maybe you got a bit of a rush out of delivering a presentation one day, or maybe you enjoy doodling, or maybe you like organizing files on your computer.

Here's the thing: If you were passionate about something in the past then there is an incredibly good chance that you'll be passionate about it again in the future.

Question 5: What Topic Would You Choose?

If Richard Branson, or Louise Hay, or Warren Buffet, or Oprah Winfrey offered to teach you how to make money from just one topic and they would do it for free, what topic would you choose?

If your immediate response is "I don't know", keep thinking. Push yourself a little bit harder. Ponder the answer a little bit longer, and write down any ideas that come to.

More importantly be open to any ideas that come to you, because when I first got started and I realized that psychology, and mindset, and healing was what I was passionate about, the next big step was just giving myself some permission to be open to the fact that that's actually what I love doing.

Where To From Here?

The last thing remaining is actually to take some action. You can think all you like about 'what is my passion', but what you really need to do is jump in and start playing the game of life.

My advice is to start today. If you're not sure if you would be passionate about poetry, then write some poetry today. If you're not sure you'd enjoy designing websites then start learning about designing websites today, because you can always change your mind later on, but life rewards action. So follow your passion.

If you're looking for a second opinion, I mean it's always great to get a second opinion, so my advice would be speak to your friends or family members that know you the best, and ask them what they think you're actually passionate about and how you spend your time and your money.

Get them to actually tell you. Not only will it give you a different perspective, but it makes for a much more interesting conversation than what most people talk about, but you might also be helping them out along the way as well with what they're passionate about too in the process. Give it a go.

Finding your passion doesn't have to be like a difficult thing. It can be fun, it can be enjoyable, but really you can start delving into it right now. So, take a deep breath, smile, and enjoy the process, and start running yourself through the questions.

When you begin to prosper from your passion, both emotionally and financially, you'll know that this entire process has been well worth your focus.

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