3 Steps To Cellular Change

I have a question for you: Is this year going to be the one?

Is this year going to be the year where you actually achieve all the goals you set out to do?

I'm sure, like me, you have had years where you have written goals down that you really wanted to achieve but 30 days later you weren't really achieving any of them.

There's a very specific reason for it...you were missing one of the three steps to 'cellular change'. Read on to see how to avoid it this year.

The 3 Steps to Cellular Change

1. Intention

Setting your intention includes the art of setting goals. For a complete run down on how best to use the Power of Intention setting please read the full article on how to set an intention.

Now if you haven't had a chance to set goals for this year yet or you would like to use the same system that has worked for me for many years, please download my 1 page goal setting template. I use this every year to inspire myself and ensure I achieve my goals.
Click here to download the goal setting template and instructions on how to use it.

2. Ritual

  • This means ritualizing the behaviour.
  • Pick one of your goals and chunk it down to the smallest possible step.
  • Keep chunking it down until you find a very small first step.
  • Eg. If you want to get fit, ask yourself "What 3 things must I do to achieve this goal?".
  • Your answers maybe:
    1. Go for a run
    2. Join a gym
    3. Eat better food
  • If you take "go for a run" and keep chunking it down you may end up with "Put jogging shoes next to the front door".
  • This is your first small step. So put the runners near the door and you are well on your way to getting your goal achieved. After all nothing happens until you take ACTION.

3. Embodiment

Once you have ritualized the behaviour enough you will find yourself embodying it. You will achieve things naturally without strain or effort. This step takes care of itself if you commit to following the first two!

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