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It's been said that there are two sides to every conversation, there are two sides to every relationship, there are two sides to every coin, and there are certainly two sides to every magnet… - BUT what does it mean for you when it comes to the science of how to heal your life?

I discovered a key distinction that helped me create some incredible transformations inside my own mind and heart. If I had never worked it out, I would probably attempting to heal my life - for the rest of it!

healurlife - life-personHere's the thing: You can heal your life!

In this article, I'd like to share with you a little distinction that may make all the difference when it comes to:

• Overcoming regret.
• Releasing negative emotions.
• Experiencing emotional freedom of any type in your life.

I've been in the field of personal transformation... - for many years!

Predominantly, because I screwed my life up totally. I wanted to work out ways in which I could get balance back into my mind, equilibrate my mind, and certainly balance my emotions so I can experience emotional freedom. Certainly I was looking for ways in which I could heal my life and basically went on a bit of a journey, probably like you:

• Travelling around.
• Going to courses.
• Reading books.
• Finding the next great guru.

All of which to heal me and my past experiences.

healurlife-temporary_healingA lot of the healing I was getting was temporary...

I would get a result but then within a couple weeks, I was right back to doing what I was always doing, getting what is labeled out there in the healing world as an "energetic Band-Aid".

As you put this Band-Aid over the top - it looks like everything is okay, but a couple of weeks later, it washes off and all the patterns and all the cycles just keep coming back.

I thought to myself "Why is it that no one particular healing technique is getting me the result that I really want?” Trust me - I've tried as many as I possibly can, I certainly haven't tried them all, but I've tried a few. I just wasn't getting a sustainable result. I was getting an energy shift at the present moment but I just wasn't getting the deep unconscious release that I wanted to get.

Then something hit me...

There are in fact two different hemispheres in the brain; there's the left hemisphere and there's the right hemisphere. One hemisphere relates to logic and one hemisphere relates to emotions.

I thought to myself "This is quite interesting!" because quite a lot of time when I was going for my healing I was doing one or the other:

• I'd go and do something extremely emotional or extremely energetic. Then I go get like an energy healing or do something cathartic or emotional work.
• Or, I'd go and do something really, really logical - like analysis, rationalization, communicating, and talking things through.

But very rarely did I go out there and find technique that crosses both over, because think about it when you have a serious trauma in your life - what goes on is you experience it both emotionally and logically.

Here's an example. You're 5 years of age and you have smashed your toe into the side of a door. I know how much it hurts and so what generally happens is you sit down - and start to cry. It's just a natural response. We start to cry and we experience the thing emotionally but something happens from a logical perspective, inside our mind and we start to try and rationalize - why we kicked the door?

Depending on what sort of environment you grew up in, some people might:

• Blamed you for kicking the door.
• Told you that you're at the wrong place at the wrong time.
• Or said, "Why haven't you looked to where you're going?"

Whatever sort of feedback you got in relation to that, you start to logically analyze the concept. So here you are crying your eyes out - emotionally, and logically saying I'm an idiot, I can't ever see where I'm going, I don't know where to look where I'm going, I always fumble over things, why am I so stupid?

You lock in your trauma in two different paths in mind; you lock it emotionally and you lock it in logically.

My advice is... when you’re going out there looking for someone to assist you with your transformation, make sure they have equal parts of logical and emotional transformation technologies because if you unlock both sides simultaneously then you really do have a healing that lasts a lifetime.

Don't go looking on one side of the other...

Quite often we have this pendulum swinging approach. We go all spiritual, you meditate every day, you got rid of your watches, and you're just all energetic and emotional but then all of a sudden the pendulum swings the other way and you started to get really logical and rational.

Thing is - you got to find the center point, somewhere right between the two, has an equal bounds of logical processing analysis and equal bounds of emotional and energetic feeling.

If you can find the perfect synergy between those two - I can guarantee you, that you'll experience a healing that last's a lifetime. So I guess this is just something to think about it's a key distinction that I worked out - almost by accident. I was going through really energetic process and decided to logically analyze it at the same time. And lo and behold the healing lasted - well up until today, I don't know if it’s going to last the rest of my life but it certainly lasted at least 5 years which is quite impressive in my books.

Finding the right balance...

What we are doing for a limited number of people is we're offering what's known as a Freedom Experience Session.

In these freedom experience sessions - what takes place is you get to jump on a phone with one of our qualified coaches who actually have been schooled and taught in the art of learning how to balance perfectly the energetic side of healing with the logical analysis side of healing. Have a bit of discussion with you about stuff that potentially you're still battling in your life, cycles that are still going over and over and over, and things you'd like to bring in into - so you'd actually be able to liberate yourself and go out there and do what you love.

Work on both things...!

Every time you going to go work on an issue, keep in mind that it's both stored emotionally and logically and until you work on both of things on the same time - it will never actually free itself completely!

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