How to Create Anything in 3 Simple Steps

"Difficulties indeed sometimes arise; but common sense and honest intentions will generally steer through them." - Thomas Jefferson

The most successful people around the world seem to use the same simple formula for creating amazing results. So rather than keep it a secret I thought I would share it with you.

So here it is:

1.    Have a Big Vision
2.    Set a Solid Intention
3.    Take a Little Action

1. Have a Big Vision

Now to have a big vision all you need to do is think about the largest version of the goal you are looking to achieve.

So let's say you wanted to open a school that taught teenagers the life skills of:

•    time management
•    wealth creation
•    emotional freedom

Ask yourself the following question,

"If I was unlimited in my thinking and had access to infinite resources what will this goal look like when I allow it to expand and develop completely?"

Simply write down the answer to this question in a paragraph form avoiding bullet points and short answers. Write up to 3 solid paragraphs to this question with sensory details such as smells, sounds, feelings etc.

2. Set a Solid Intention

Intention truly rules everything you do in your life. Without a solid intention your day will fall prey to the person next to you who set a stronger intention than you did. Think about that for a minute!

Here is the most effective process I have found for setting your intention each and every day.

This process has been used for anything from smoking cessation to weight loss to financial abundance. Find a piece of thick card or paper and write the words of your intention or the values of someone you would like to embody or key words for transforming any area of your life. i.e. "Opening new relationships is fun!" and a smiley face on it. On the back write your driving question.

Front: Expand My Network (Your intention or value or desire)

Back: How many ways can I continue expanding my network with valuable contacts today? (Your action question)

  • Fold the card in half with the intention on the inside. Place it in your pocket.
  • Anytime you think about the card, touch it or get changed take it out of your pocket and take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Then read both sides of the card out loud.
  • Close your eyes and imagine what the card means to you and feel the feelings of being, doing or having what is written on the card. Pay attention to the answers you receive from the driving question.
  • Keep this in your pocket for up to 30 days.

The process is so effective because it raises whatever is written on the card to become your highest value for the day. Values are stored in a hierarchy within in our unconscious mind. Whatever is highest on your hierarchy of values, you tend to manifest effortlessly. Whatever results you have showing up in your life at the moment are a direct result of the questions you ask yourself and the values you hold deep inside.

If you have ever wondered why you do not have a Ferrari in the driveway and your next door neighbour does it is because they most likely value is investing money and wealth creation more than you do. Whereas your highest value may be friendship so you easily seem to make friends and keep long term friends while your neighbour with the Ferrari has may not have any due to the fact that friends are not high on their values system.

The intention card simply shifts the information contained on it to the highest value for today. This means you will find it easy to manifest and find new strategies for increasing the results in this area.

The driving question will keep you focused and allow your unconscious to come up with solutions all day long. It doesn't matter if you read it 5 times or 500 times a day. Any time you think of it, pull it out, stop what you’re doing and read it. It will transform your life.

With cigarette smokers for example you can put on one side "fresh air" and on the other side "how many ways can I continue to breathe fresh air today?" With health and fitness place "healthy eating" on the front and "how can I continue to enjoy even more healthy food today?" on the back.

It is a simple technique that gets amazing results.

3. Take a Little Action

So this is the final step and by far the easiest. All you need to do now is make sure you take a 'little action' in the direction of your goal. In the case of the school you may want to search the internet for a list schools in your local area and simply drive past them to get some inspiration on designs and layout.

Once you have done this you may want to book in some interviews with the Principals of each of these schools to find out what works for them and also to let them know about your goal.

Always remember this final piece of the puzzle,

"Conversations create opportunities!"

The more conversation you have about your goal with people related to your goal the more likely you will be in achieving that goal.

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Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-founder of Authentic Education. He is exquisite at inspiring people to share their message, make a difference in the world and live abundantly on purpose.

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