How To End Stress

You and I both know that stress kills. Stress can permeate every single area of our life. From our finances, to our health, our relationships, career and recreation.

But what is stress? It's been defined as:

"A state of adverse circumstances resulting in tension inside the nervous system"

I don't know what that means but I've definitely been stressed before and I'm sure you have too!

Stress occurs when we:

• Focus on too many things at once
• Are concerned about how we are going to get things done in the future
• Just can't seem to get on top of what's happening in the present moment

No matter how you experience stress in your own life, it's important to work out ways to deal with it. If I gave you a complex strategy on how to fix stress, that's only going to stress you out more! We need the most simplified version of how we actually deal with stress.stress -anxiety-carl_swahn_250_166

Over the years I have worked with thousands of people and one of the common things I find is they get overwhelmed on a regular basis. And that overwhelm leads to procrastination.

Here is my simple strategy for overcoming stress so it doesn't debilitate you and stop you from moving forward.

Dealing With Stress

1. Brain dump - Grab a sheet of paper and brain dump every single task you can possibly think of that you need to do. Include tasks in different life sectors such as relationships, family, partner and health.

We want to get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper.

2. Top 3 - Look down the list and think to yourself:

"If I was to do just ONE of these activities successfully which one would allow me to experience the greatest level of results or improvement in any area of my life?"

Eg. You might look down the list and find "recording a newsletter".

Then look at the list again and pick another two. What you're left with are three specific tasks that if you did JUST these three tasks correctly that would improve the quality of your life the most.

3. Flip the page over and write these three tasks down. The reason you flip the page over is because you are now reducing your ability to experience stress. In fact, if you talk to a psychologist they will explain stress as trying to focus on too many things at once.

4. What 3 things? Now we play a game called 'What 3 things?' It is a simple way of getting a big task and chunking it down to the right size so you can move forward with effortless ease.

Eg. You want to record a newsletter. So ask yourself, "What three things have to occur for me to record a newsletter?".

1. I need to setup the lights.
2. I need to get my script.
3. I also need to get my camera ready and charged up.

Once you get that under control then ask yourself "what three things have to occur to set the lights up?"

1. I need to have power cord.
2. I need to know exactly the position of the lights will be
3. I also need to know what type of lighting I'll be using

stress -relaxed-womanOnce you know that, break down the power cords and so and so forth. By breaking down these big tasks into little items you start to move through this thing called stress.

If you do this process correctly and consistently you will find it's one of the most effective stress management techniques. Your stress begins to melt away and it certainly becomes a thing of the past.

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