Is Finding Your Dream Job A Myth?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find your dream job?

Maybe you think it’s a myth.

Sure, other people get to live out their dreams, but they have extraordinary skills or connections you don’t, so you sit day after day, week after week, in an unfulfilling job.

You might have tried to find your dream job in the past, only to give up immediately when it got too difficult and only reinforced your original idea that anybody who was able to achieve success was gifted with the right connections or had more talent and schooling than you did, so it was hopeless to even continue trying to find a job you love.

The big break myth

If you go to the movies or watch TV, you’re probably familiar with the big break.

  • A dancer is plucked out of the chorus line by the director.
  • The down-and-out taxi driver sings a song, and a famous agent just happens to be in the backseat.

The common theme is that through some profound amount of luck, someone gets their BIG BREAK and becomes famous and rich and lives happily ever after.

Is this the picture you have in mind about how to find your dream job?

If so, you might want to get a more realistic outlook.

The overnight success myth

You probably have a fantasy of what your dream job looks like from scrolling through Facebook and getting a snapshot of someone’s “glamorous” life.

What do you tell yourself after getting a glimpse of someone living their dream?

  • I don’t know the right people.
  • I didn’t go to the right schools
  • Success doesn’t happen to regular people like me.

Do you think you’re not “special” enough to live an amazing life?

When talking to successful people, ask them these questions:

  • How did you get to where you are now?
  • Did you have a mentor?
  • What does it take to find your dream job?

You might be surprised to learn they didn’t stumble upon their dream job, they might not have a university education, and most importantly, that their “overnight” successes took twenty years to attain.

Also, they sought advice from those who’d already achieved what they wanted.

The get-rich-quick myth

In the past, your goals may have looked like this:

  • Step one: Find dream job
  • Step two: Make millions

And when that didn’t happen, you told yourself it was impossible.

Unhappiness comes when reality doesn’t meet expectations.

Finding your dream job isn’t some magical finish line.

On your journey there will be roadblocks, copycats, and constant competition...with yourself.

Keep your goals in mind, but stay realistic about your path to get there.

Where to go from here?

What if you stopped getting your ideas about how to find your dream job from movies and social media and got real about what it takes to find a job you love?

What if you stopped looking at your dream job as some kind of mythical idea that only happens for the chosen few?

What if you kept going, even when you wanted to give up?

Stay inspired

So, is finding your dream job a myth? The short answer is...yes, if you’re talking about it in terms of happily ever after, where it comes easily and solves all of your problems, like waving a magic wand.

However, the good news is that if you’re willing to put aside the fantasy, you will receive vision and inspiration. By getting real about how to find your dream job, you can live the life you love.

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