Keeping Life Simple

Here are five simple steps to keeping life simple so you can have more tranquillity in your life.

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Have you ever noticed that some people like to complicate life?

I think Lao Tzu, the famous author of the Tao Te Ching and the father of Taoism, summed it all up quite nicely when he said:

There are only three things to learn: simplicity, patience and compassion.

Let's have a look at how to keep life simple by doing these five simple steps.

1.      Organise Your Inbox

Why not unsubscribe from a few of those emails that fill your inbox every day? Every email you have to delete, whether you read it or not, is taking up your precious time (an asset you can never get back) while creating clutter in your mind. It is also taking away your valuable focus from the things in your life that really matter.

2.      Get The Important Stuff Done First

Focus on important tasks that need to get done before you do anything else. Scrolling through social media, browsing online shops, reading emails, etc can eat up your whole day. So make sure to do the important tasks first so that they don’t get pushed back and back until you don’t have the time nor the energy to actually do them.

Getting your important tasks done first will also give you a great sense of relief, accomplishment and peace of mind.

3.      Collaborate With Others

Hiring people for tasks that you’re not good at or don’t enjoy is a great way of keeping life simple, and you’ll also achieve your goals faster.

Leverage other people’s passions and strengths so you’ll have more time to do the things that you love. By working with others, you’ll also create new relationships or strengthen existing ones.

4.      Have Patience

Another key element of keeping things simple in life is patience. Next time you’re in a rush waiting for a web page to download or someone to call you back, rather than punishing yourself with frustration and anger, why not allow yourself to go back in time to when you didn't have a computer, a mobile phone or even a television?

Remembering where you came from is a great way to infuse more patience into your day.

5.      Develop Compassion

When you find yourself in any form of conflict with someone who is being abusive towards you, silently think to yourself, "WOW! This person must be having a really bad day today."

This is an effective way to develop the master skill of compassion. Over time, you will be able to respect and appreciate the unique individual journey everyone is on and what has led them to this experience in the present moment.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, five easy steps to keeping life simple that you can start implementing in your life. To recap they are:

  1. Organise your inbox.
  2. Get the important stuff done first.
  3. Collaborate with others.
  4. Have patience.
  5. Develop compassion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have learned a few things on how to keep your life simple. If you would like to discover more effective and actionable steps on how to live a life that you love, watch our free webinar, “How To Coach Yourself To Success”, here.

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