Living on Purpose

What does it to mean to be living on purpose? What does it mean to have courage, clarity and commitment to go out and step forth into your uniqueness? Step forth into what you born to do, just doing what you love and what you inspired to do? This really takes 3 things: Courage, Clarity and Commitment.

What this newsletter is all about is what it takes for you to step forth into this. What has to happen to wake up tomorrow and make the commitment to doing only what you love the most? Now this is a simple 3 step process you can use to work out how you actually get on your mission.

In fact, it's been said that until you have a cause bigger than yourself, you never will be able to get over yourself. One of the things I have learned working on myself hard over years is until I fall for a cause, until I fall for a mission, until I really involve myself completely in my message that I want to share I continue to have traumas and troubles throughout my life.

This really is the secret I want to share with you because it's such an important thing to learn. So, how actually do you get on purpose and do what you love?

First thing you need to look for is what brings you the most amount of meaning. If you had a weekend spare, what would you do? What will make you feel most fulfilled?

From there, we can look at your mission, which means what is that you want to dedicate your life to? Where your meaning and your mission crosses over is your message. This really is I guess is our gift to the world, what we gone share with world, what message we have in our deep heart.

If a friend walked up to you and asked you them to give you a message, the message of your life, what would you tell them? If you have to tell me just in one sentence that will make all the difference in my life, what would that sentence be?

I want you to spend a bit time on this. Because this message is one of the most critical things to discover in life. Absolutely it's the thing that assists you to perform at a much higher level and most importantly to get you at that place of fulfillment.

This is a place where you are not only striving to achieve things but where you are being fulfilled in every moment. So ask yourself that question, if you have one message to share with a good friend of yours about some are of life, business, health, wealth, relationship whatever that may be, what would that message be?

Until we meet again, smile often, live your love and do whatever it takes to be our own best friend.

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Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-founder of Authentic Education. He is exquisite at inspiring people to share their message, make a difference in the world and live abundantly on purpose.

Ben has been featured in media such as the Today Show,,, Huffington Post and