Today I am coming to you from Gloucester from the most incredible homestead in the middle of the country. I have been sitting down refining my vision and getting more clarity on life.

Today I want to share with you a very important thing about how to get freedom in your life. One of the things that I have noticed is when we deem a situation to be very bad, quite often we are not seeing the scene in its entirety. A great question I like to ask myself when I am in situation that's charging me up is 'What am I missing?'

I like to think to myself:

Who are the other characters in the scene right now?
What's their journey been to date?
What am I not seeing through my perception right now?

Because if I only see things from one side I may not be getting a balanced view point of it.

I believe that we are all here on a journey of self discovery and that discovery is to lead us back to love. The number one thing human race desires more than anything else is to find their worthiness of love and then to allow love to enter their life.

So the next time you are in situation charging you, negatively or positively, just sit back and ask yourself what I am missing here? How am I not taking in the whole picture what else am I not seeing? By finding out what you are missing quite often you're able to equilibrate the situation, find the love that's in every single moment and from that point realize that from the day you were born you were in fact worthy of love

Until we meet again, share your light, live your love and do whatever it takes to be our own best friend.

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