Peace and Contentment

Today I'm going to share with you a bit about contentment and inner peace.

So here we are at the fern garden. It's around the back of the National Art Gallery in Canberra. It's one of the places that's quite special to me because when I was growing up I had a lot of traumas in my life that I had to deal with.

What I found is that by coming to this place, I was able to relax myself because this place had a lot of peacefulness just by being in the environment.

So I learned at a very young age that environment made up a lot of how I felt. In order to change how I was feeling at any given time (or neutralize and balancemyself) after I had something quite traumatic occur, I would go and visit one of my special places.

One of the things I recommend you do is to sit down and write up to 5 places that you find peaceful, that you find contentment in...that you find relaxing to be around.

These places could be anything from an ocean, to a clifftop, to a forest. I don't know what it is for you, but think about those places now. You will know you have the right place because when you think about it, you're going to feel quite relaxed and peaceful.

Once you've made that list, sometime in the next 30 days I strongly recommend you schedule in a trip to one of these places.

When you get there, just close your eyes and soak up the environment. Soak up the energy. Soak up the feeling.

You'll find that if you stick to this list, the next time you need to neturalize yourself or balance yourself back out again, you just go and visit one of these places and let the environment for you.

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