It’s getting close to the silly season and the new year so today’s newsletter is all about permission. Who are you seeking to give you permission in life to do what it is that you love?

A lot of people aren't doing authentically what they value highest in their life. As a result they are living a very un-inspired life. One of the reasons I believe people come to our programs is because internally they really just need someone to give them permission to be allowed to go out there and do what they love.

Please ponder these 3 questions and write down the answers if you can:

Question #1"Who do you need permission from to live the life that you authentically desire to live?". Write down the names of people you think you need permission from in order to do what you love.

Question #2"How you would know that you have the permission?". What will be the evidence that you finally got that permission to go out there and live an inspired life and be true to your values?

Questions #3 - "What would have to happen for you to give yourself permission?".

And as you contemplate these permission based questions I would like you to start to think of how you would like to create your next year so you can get out there and really do what you love.

As a result I am sure you can live a very inspiring 2013. You can go out there and find what you value and dedicate your life towards it regardless of what anyone else thinks or what anyone else thinks you should be doing.

Have a fantastic, safe and enjoyable holiday session and I look forward to seeing you next year.

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