How To Be Happy Now With Reflective Perspective

If you want to learn how to be happy now, then I want to talk to you about “Reflective Perspective”. It’s one of the best tips on how to be happy because it will immediately allow you to experience happiness and gratitude in every cell in your body.

If you are one of the many people out there that write a lot of goals only to find out that these goals make them more and more frustrated when they wake up in the morning, try using Reflective Perspective in your life.

The Gap

If you have learned any form of self-improvement, you would have certainly learned the art of goal setting – as in writing something down that you haven’t got yet.

The problem with goal setting is it creates a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Quite often, that gap is responsible for quite a large amount of unhappiness. In fact, the more we tend to write the goal, the more we feel further away from where we actually want to be. Therefore, when we wake up in the morning we are not quite fully content.

There’s nothing wrong with writing goals. I certainly use goal setting to achieve things in my life. The problem occurs when you tie your happiness to that goal.

Here is what you need to understand about goal setting: When you set a goal, you create a future self, and that future self does, in fact, have the ability to create frustration in the present moment because you’ll be thinking to yourself, “Why am I not where my future self wants to be?”

How To Be Happy In Life With Reflective Perspective

Reflective looking in the pastReflective Perspective collapses the gap of time between where you are and where you want to be. This occurs by going back in the past and analyzing experiences in your life that balances the effect of the future gap.

This creates a feeling of happiness and gratitude in the now (the present). That’s why it’s perfect for people who want to know how to be happy now in their life and for the rest of their lives.

What does Reflective Perspective look like and how do you actually use it?

Here’s an example. I often work with life coaches who are often complaining about the fact that they don’t want to charge $150 anymore. They want to be charging $300.

Here’s the thing. Charging $150 an hour is actually a lot of money. In fact, I’d say 99.9999% of the population will never ever get to charge $150 per hour for anything. So if you are earning $150 per hour, you are doing pretty well for yourself. But these people keep chasing for this future goal of $300 per hour.

Guess what? If we reflected back into your past and had a good look at the type of income you’ve earned leading up to $150 an hour, you’ll find that you’ve actually earned significantly less than that.

In fact, I reflect back on my very first job. I was a bicycle mechanic at a shop called Big B Bicycles and I earned a whopping $5 an hour!

How To Become Happy Now - Balance Your Three Selves

How To Become Happy Now - Balance Your Three Selves imageNow when I look at what I earn today as an income, and I reflect back to that $5 an hour, you can’t help but feel grateful for your life right now.

So, look back through your life and remember moments in which your life is better now than it was then. Maybe your finances have improved, maybe it’s your relationships or your health.

By reflecting back into your past, you will be able to allow yourself to get a better perspective of what’s happening here and now and allow to get a balance point between the future self, the past self and the present self, which allows you to be way more grateful.

Research Study By The University Of California & The University Of Miami

In a class writing notes imageHere’s an interesting study that was done by psychologists from the University of California and the University of Miami. They basically researched groups of people where:

  • Group A was asked to do nothing. They called them “The Control Group”.
  • Group B was asked to reflect back over the last 24 hours and think of five things they were grateful for every day.

Thirty days later, Group A was pretty much the same. But Group B reported having an increase in happiness, fulfilment and appreciation for life by as much as 25%.

There was a 25% increase in their level of happiness just by simply reflecting back over the last 24 hours of five things they were grateful for (without getting a 25% payrise).

How To Be Happy Now With Reflective Perspective – In Conclusion

How To Be Happy Now With Reflective Perspective imageTo learn how to be happy now, reflect back all the way through your life and start to look at things you’ve been grateful for. It’s what Reflective Perspective is all about, and you will certainly find that it allows you to gain incredible gratitude in the present moment.

Try this out for yourself for the next 30 days. Let us know what your results are by commenting down below.

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