[Special Message] Why bother running “Prosper From Your Passion?”

Why bother starting a company like Authentic Education? Why bother running events like “Prosper From Your Passion”?

My name’s Cham Tang and I’m the co-founder of Authentic Education.

You may already know we run our free event, “Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online“, several times a year.

But what you might not know is why we bother running this event or even why we started our company, Authentic Education, in the first place.

About 20 years ago, I remember being in high school and I was about 15 at the time. I thought about my entire life that lay ahead before me. I felt that my entire career hinged around the university admissions book.

If I scored around 75 in my TER, I could gain admission into a science degree. But if I got a score of 85, maybe I could opt for an IT degree and if I wanted to make my parents really happy, I had to get an almost impossible score of 99.5. That score would give me the opportunity to become a lawyer or a doctor.

But what ended up happening is that I got 49.45 in my TER, a shocking score by any standards.

I thought it was a shocking score because I really didn’t have a purpose for why I should be studying so hard.

Looking back on those years, I wonder why schools don’t teach us other options besides working for a massive corporation and retiring at the age of 65.

No one ever said to me that many other people in the world are doing what they love for a living. They’re not necessarily in the rat race.

People can choose an alternative career, such as becoming a coach, a speaker, or running a business they are passionate about, but aren’t even aware of the possibilities.

So Benjamin J Harvey and I decided to start Authentic Education, a company dedicated to helping regular people like you start and grow a career doing what you love.

One of the challenges we found is that most people who want to make the switch from feeling unfulfilled to living with passion is that they don’t know how to get started.

Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online” is a one-day event where our co-founder Benjamin J Harvey unpacks what it takes to make a prosperous living by sharing your message with others.

Want to find out what’s possible? Join us at “Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online”

Who is it for?

“Prosper From Your Passion” is for unique individuals that know they are capable of giving and receiving much more in life. It’s also for:

  • People working 9 to 5 in a job they don’t love
  • People who want to be financially rewarded for helping create change in people’s lives
  • People who have a desire to create books, products or online programs that serve the world
  • People who want to share a message through presentations, retreats or workshops
  • Coaches or practitioners that want to be fully booked
  • People that want a return on all the previous education they’ve invested in

Now, I’m not saying if you come to “Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online” that you’re guaranteed to find your passion and your purpose, or that you will instantly make millions of dollars.

What I’m saying is that it’s possible to prosper by pursuing an alternative career doing what you love, as well as making a difference in people’s lives and in your own life. You don’t have to resign yourself to working in a job or profession you don’t enjoy.

We’ve helped thousands of Australians make the transformation from feeling unfulfilled to achieving emotional and financial freedom in their lives.

I know that knowledge is power and just one piece of knowledge has the potential to change the entire trajectory of your life.

In “Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online“, Ben will share everything he knows about successfully starting and growing a heart-centred business. You will get over 50 bits of knowledge compressed into one power-packed day.

It’s been said, “one day with a wise person is worth an entire year in the library.” One day spent with Ben is worth an entire year. For me, it was like six years in high school, talking about the possibilities in life.

The question you may be asking yourself is “What are the possibilities you can explore to live the lifestyle of your dreams?”

As Benjamin J Harvey always says: Just let’s find out. Let’s find out what’s possible for you.

Click on the link below to register for the event now.

Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online

Thank you very much for listening and I hope this has helped you.

Until we meet again, just remember, “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it started.”

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Cham is the CEO and Head of Marketing at Authentic Education since co-founding it in 2009. He is passionate about productivity, empowering people, marketing and is creator of Digital Marketing Made Easy.

He has worked for Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard and Dr John Demartini from "The Secret" and has featured in BRW magazine, News.com.au and newspapers such as Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.