The Hidden Fuel – How To Find Your Passion In Life

Ever wanted to learn how to find your passion in life? How do you find out exactly what you love doing most in life? And then, how do you find the fuel that ignites the burning desire inside to allow you to progress with the momentum required to do what you love?

People come up to me in seminars all the time and say, "Ben, how do you know exactly what it is, that you want to do with your life?"

I tell them, "I like to be perfectly honest with you right now, I still don't think that I have worked that out."

Sure, I have a successful business doing what I love and I go out there and inspire people from a platform. But still, deep down inside, I don't really know if this is the exact thing I am meant to be doing with myself.

How To Find Your Passion In Life - My Advice

1) Take the pressure off. Don't be concerned about, "Is this exactly what I am meant to be doing?"

2) Go out there and just start taking action, in the direction that feels most inspiring TODAY.

The thing is, you may have a big, bright vision which may be crystal clear. But in reality, 99% of us don't actually have that.

What we do have though is the ability to take action on the things that are most enjoyable today. One thing you have to learn is if something is inspiring today, it may not be inspiring tomorrow.

So, if something stops being inspiring, then learn to drop it instantly and move on to something that is inspiring. The more you learn to move and take action and do what is called 'fail forward fast', the quicker you will find what's meaningful to you.

One way you can find that something is meaningful and inspiring to you is:

1. Find five turning points in your life. What I mean by turning points is moments in your life where you had really cathartic transformations. Big shifts, either positive or negative, that have changed the direction of your life permanently.

2. If you go back and track those big five moments, you will find hidden in there the fuel required to go out and do something that's inspiring. Quite often, the biggest turning points in our lives are the moments that give us the most amount of fuel to go out there and do what we love.

3. So, write down five big turning points and then data-mine them, that is, investigate them. Find out what they can teach you about what is going to be the most meaningful thing you can do today with your life.

We hope you've enjoyed this video and this blog post, "The Hidden Fuel - How To Find Your Passion In Life". Now go and find your turning points and turn those into the fuel that you need to do what you love.

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