The Scientific Equation For Happiness

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Ever wondered what the formula for happiness is?

Well your wait is over.

A team of Scientists were commissioned with the task of discovering the happiness formula. After compiling their research they came up with the following equation for happiness:

H = S + C + V

H: Happiness
S: Your cellular set point
C: Conditions of living
V: Voluntary actions or choices we make daily

The interesting part of this equation was the percentage breakdown of the individual units. They found them to be as follows:

50% Your cellular set point
10% Conditions of living
40% Voluntary actions or choices we make daily

Next time you are looking to make yourself happier be sure to focus the right amount of energy on the right area.


Your cellular set point

The majority of your time needs to be spent feeling the feelings, creating the new 'foods' for your cells through activities like visualisation, meditating or contemplating.


Conditions of living

No matter how much you change your conditions of living by buying new clothes, TV's, shoes, cars, stereo's, watches etc it will only ever be 10% of your actual happiness. Plus the happiness from shopping has been shown to only last between 1-3 days. The number one way human beings use for gaining happiness on this planet across all countries is shopping due to marketing and media however unfortunately this type of happiness is only temporary.
Think about that for a moment and ask yourself, "how much time do I actually dedicate to increasing my conditions of living?"
As you begin to realise how little an effect it actually has on your happiness you may find now is a good time to re-write some of your goals!


Voluntary actions or choices we make daily

Ask yourself the question: "When something happens to me during the day what meaning do I give to it (empowering or not) and what type of voluntary choice or action do I take as a result?"

So there you have it some practical uses for the Happiness Equation.

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