The Secret Of My Success

The Secret To My Success blog imageQuite often, people ask me what the secret to my success in life or business is. Almost every time, after I’m done presenting in one of our live events or online webinars, people ask me, “Ben, what is the secret to your success?”

Ultimately, they’re hoping to find a special ingredient, a special sales technique or some secret magic pill that they can take.

This is actually half true. Let me explain why.

To achieve anything of value (be it health, financial freedom, creating a successful life coaching business, etc.) you need persistence.

And long-term persistence can't happen if it's attached to something that changes all the time, like other people's opinions, the latest get-rich-quick scheme or your emotions which fluctuate on a daily basis.

Therefore, you need to rely on something more permanent. And the most stable and most powerful thing in your psychology are your values.

#1 - The Magic Pill

A fulfilled man on a mountain during sunrise imageValues are what you deem important in your life such as freedom, growth or control.

Your true values ultimately determine everything you think and feel. How you think (thoughts) and how you feel (emotions) determines how you act. And these actions determine your results in every area of your life.

From your values also stems everything from your purpose to your beliefs and goals.

When you link your goals to your true values, you’ll be in flow more often and you’ll be able to achieve more without strain.

So what is the secret to success? The one reason people succeed in life or business is that their work is aligned with their values (and the reverse is also true).

Here's an example. One night, I was finishing up work at around 10 pm, and I was exhausted. Just as I was laying down for the night, my phone rang. I could see right away it was a coaching client.

I had a decision to make at that point… either answer the phone or just let it ring out. Many people would let it ring out because it was an inappropriate hour for a call. But not me. I answered it.

I answered it because I love what I do, and no matter how tired I am, I always make time for what I value.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to succeed, you need to work long hours.

What I’m saying is to succeed, you need to align your work with your values. And that really is the secret to my success.

One of my highest values is service, and I get to do this on a daily basis, which inspires me to achieve even more.

#2 The Tricky Part

A woman thinking imageThe biggest problem people face is not aligning their values, but discovering what they truly are in the first place.

Everyone has 2 types of values:

  1. Golden values - These are the ones you love to show the world. Values such as contribution or compassion.
  2. Shadow values - These are the ones you hide from the world due to either shame or guilt. But they’re usually even more powerful than your golden values. Examples include control, importance and superiority.

If you ignore the truth of these shadow values, you will only ever be half-filled instead of full-filled. What's more, you will never be able to align your TRUE values with your life or business.

So, how do you discover your shadow values? I have coached many people on how to do this. A very quick way is to ask yourself what you value most (without letting any shame, fear or guilt cover up the truth).

For a more in-depth process, I recommend you listen to a coaching call I did with a client.

The results will shock you. You can download it here.

The Secret To My Success – In Conclusion

Benjamin J Harvey presenting in front of an audience imageWe hope you find some value in that free download. It will help you to determine your golden values and your shadow values which can hopefully get you on the road of doing what you love and loving your life.

If you would like to discover more helpful ways on how to achieve success in life as well as help others to find their own prosperous path, watch our free webinar How To Become A Highly Successful Coach here.

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