The Visualisation Technique To Reach Your Goals Faster…

A wise person once said to me that "Thoughts Become Things".

What does that mean and how can you use it to create what you desire most in your life?

Something you may or may not be aware of is that your nervous system can't tell the difference between what's real and what's imagined.

The reason high performing people visualise their goals regularly is because they basically reinforce to their nervous system that what they want to achieve is already achieved.

The benefit is if you think you have already achieved something you have less fear getting in the way of taking action. So the more you visualise or imagine the goal you want the less afraid your nervous system is of actually going for the goal because it feels more natural.

Fear is the number one reason we don't take action on our dreams in life. In fact it's the thing that creates all the resistance (the by product of fear). So the more you imagine and visualise your goals the more likely you are to take action on them.

"How do you visualise your goals?" I hear you ask. Imagine them in three different ways:

Step 1. Associated Vision

In step number one, is to view it through your own eyes, as in you're looking through your own eyes. You don't actually see yourself in it. Imagine yourself having achieved the goal and view it through that actual viewpoint.

Feel the feelings in your body, experience it in every single cell and really convince yourself that this goal is done.

If you've ever studies NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programing, you would have been taught this exact style of viewing.

Step 2. Disassociated Vision

Step outside the goal and actually view it in a disassociated way.

By stepping outside the goal and actually viewing it, you actually see yourself inside the goal having achieved this thing.

Again, feel the feelings in your body. Some people find this visualisation technique easier, especially if you're used to seeing other people succeed at something more than yourself.

Step 3. Through The Eyes Of A Mentor

The third way that I actually like to utilise the technique is, I actually like to imagine that I'm viewing Dr. Wayne Dyer actually achieve the goal I'm trying to achieve. I watch him do it in an effortless way.

The benefit of visualising through this method, is that when you step inside the mind of your mentor, and you feel the feelings that they're experiencing, you may find that you feel more confident. You find that you feel more energised.

Imagine that you're observing your mentor actually taking this achievement, this goal and doing it and then actually thinking how they're thinking and how they're feeling in the process.

Taking The Time To Visualise

How long should you actually spend doing this process? What I like to do is set an alarm on my telephone, generally in the morning and when the alarm goes off, I spend about five minutes closing my eyes peacefully and going through the three ways that I've just mentioned.

It feels really good and it's actually something that you can do to fill your time with that's actually going to set your morning up in the right way and put the right foot forward to start the day off the way you want it to.

The most important thing is actually training your nervous system to get used to achieving goals and therefore reducing the level of fear inside your life. It's a very powerful technique.

What If I Close My Eyes & All I See Is Darkness?

There's actually, generally four types of ways in which you interpret your imagination. We either see it, we feel it, we hear it or we just know it's there. It doesn't really matter what happens when you close your eyes, the trick is just to trust the way in which you imagine. The secret is, don't try to imagine like anyone else imagines, but imagine the way you naturally like to imagine.

If you were to close your eyes and you saw imagery, then fantastic for you. If you close your eyes and you actually just felt the experience, then that's wonderful too. If you close your eyes and you just hear the sounds of your goals, then that is brilliant.

If you just close your eyes and you got this kind of internalisation telling you that you know, that you're actually there and you're doing the thing, then that is perfect as well.

My advice is just go out there and do something magnificent with your life and use the power of your imagination. The power of how to actually visualise to allow yourself to embody your goals, to reduce your fear and resistance and to give yourself permission to take action.

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