The thing I want to talk to talk about today is trust. How much do you actually trust yourself? Someone once asked me, "What's the most important thing in a sales scenario?" and I have to say it's trust.

Trust is the number one thing that builds relationships and the number one thing that starts relationships.

So one of the most important things about trust is trusting yourself, getting to know yourself deeply. One of the things I recommend to anyone who is looking to move into a position of influence or get better results in their life is to...

Make a list of 50 things you love deeply about yourself

These things could be anything from your style of clothing to your sense of humour, to the food you like to eat, to the way you dance, to whatever it is.

I recommend you make that list and keep that list in your mobile and carry it around with you.

Read this list every morning for a couple of weeks and see the sort of results you get. I also recommend you read it just before you fall asleep as well because this way it will sink into your mind and you'll start to dream differently, and you'll start to enjoy your life a lot more.

So go out there and make that list of 50 things you love about yourself and then you'll start to trust yourself a little bit more because you'll know yourself more.

As I said, the number one thing to creating relationships is trust, so make sure you know how to trust yourself and know who you are.

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