Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Must Have Rituals

What I wanted to share with you today was a little bit about something that helped me out a long time ago when I was trying to look at the best way to start the new year.

New Year’s Resolutions

If you're in the difference-maker world, then you know many clients want to see you in January because they’ve got these New Year’s resolutions that they want to get started on. As you could no doubt imagine, the memberships of the gym go through the roof, the fruit and vegetable section at your local supermarket tends to sell out a little quicker than usual around January.

Also, there are a whole bunch of people that just want to get results as fast as possible, which is a kind of a good attitude to have but it’s not really backed with a very solid foundation.

I was speaking with a dear friend of mine recently. We were discussing the kind of rituals that we like to take into a New Year. As we discussed rituals more and more, I realized that IT'S NOT the goal you set, the behaviour you want to develop or the habit that you want to look at. It’s actually the act of HOW to set up a ritual that really makes the difference. Now, there’s a saying out there that says "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." That was actually said by Aristotle.

It’s not the big event that’s going to do it for you. It’s not this one-off thing. It's a series of little actions that gain momentum and solidify to form habitual behaviours. One of my favourite sayings out there is that “how you spend your day is how you spend your life” and if you spend your day setting out rituals that are fulfilling, that really do enliven you at a spiritual level and make you feel incredible vibrations or give you that sense of fulfilment or inspiration that you're looking for, then if you spend the time each day doing that…

  • those days turn into weeks…
  • weeks turn into months…
  • months turn into years, and those years,
  • well those years become your life…

Your Own Ritualized Behaviour

The most important thing to think about January 2018 is what are the rituals that you want to form and what is your process around forming rituals?

For example, you wanted to write a book this year. I know a lot of people want to do that. I would ask that you park the idea of wanting to write a book and replace it with a concept of forming a ritual.

Just make a commitment today that starting right now by writing just 20 words that actually have some relevance to the book that you're trying to write? Then, make a commitment that every day, you'll write another 20 words. If you start to write 20 words a day every single day and you turn that into a ritualized behaviour, into a habit, before you know it, you'll have written so many words that all you're going to do is put them together and voila, you've got yourself a book.

A lot of people enter the year here in Australia, because it’s summer, wanting to do something about their physique or change their health and fitness or something like that so what I’d say is if you do have this idea of a trimmed, taut, toned, flexible body, park all that for now and instead, think about a ritual you might be able to form.

Why not form a ritual of doing just standing in your lounge room and doing 20 squats every day with no weights, just 20 squats that you're crouching down and standing back up again? If you want to do that every single day, just doing 20 squats every single day, it’s not long before you'll start to actually see the benefits, the results that come from that ritualized behaviour.

If there’s anything I've learned in over a decade of helping people transform their lives and get the results they really want in life, that it’s the ritualized behaviors, the habits that people form that really determine how successful they actually are. You probably have a list of goals that you plaster all over your walls that you're

  • thinking about
  • dreaming about
  • doing affirmations on
  • visualizing

which is all wonderful stuff.
None of that really makes any value though in someone’s life if they’re not backed up by rituals.

What Are Your Rituals?

I guess the keyword for this video is rituals. What I love to hear from you is what your rituals actually are for this year, so please comment down below and let us know, what is one ritual that you'd like to set up? Another key to actually having rituals is not go for too many at once. My advice would just be build one at a time, lock that thing in and then when it’s locked in, move onto the next one. Warren Buffett has this quote. He says “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.”

The thing that I love about rituals is that it has this non-conscious momentum building process that occurs and before you know it, you form such a solid habit that it is unbreakable, so with any type of habitual behavior forming, ritualized behavior forming, it’s important to just stick at it.

Even if you can’t feel it’s making any difference, even if you can’t even feel that it’s working, even if you think that there is nothing occurring, just keep doing those squats, keep writing those words, keep eating that salad, whatever it is, and eventually, it’ll get to a process or a stage where that habit is so strong that you simply can’t break it.

Welcome to 2018, we got a whole bunch of really exciting stuff coming up this year! Lots of new things happening inside our organization, lots of stuff that we have put together to assist you to go out there and make a difference and on living doing what you love and really get on that part of living your love, so please keep an eye on this space.

There’s going to be a whole bunch of very innovative concepts and processes coming your way throughout the year and make sure you do keep an eye on your inbox because we’ve got a few surprises coming up as well.

By the way, if you enjoyed this video, please share with your friends. Forward it across to people but most importantly, pick a ritualized behavior you'd like to form straight away and comment down below and let us know what it actually is.

Until we meet again, share your light, live your love, enjoy 2018, and I’ll see you very soon!

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Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-founder of Authentic Education. He is exquisite at inspiring people to share their message, make a difference in the world and live abundantly on purpose.

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