Yearly Focus Points

Hey, welcome everybody to our last Newsletter for the year. I just want to wish you a happy festive season. I hope this year has been everything that you’ve wished for.

I would like to thank you from my heart to yours for being part of our journey this year. We’ve had a fantastic time. I’m really grateful that you’re a part of that and grateful that you allowed us to share what we love doing most.

I’ve just spent seven days in the mountains, in silence actually, clearing my mind getting ready for 2012 and I wanted to give you a bit of a gift to see the year out. If you haven’t already set your goals for next year, then download the sheets below: Focus Points.pdf Focus Points.docx

The sheet has a couple of sections in there that you can actually map out, sort of three, up to three goals in each section. It will give you a line that you can put the item on and then it will give you a line for the date.

Areas of Life

Inside the chart the first little block you’re going to see there is the area of Awareness. Now awareness can mean a number of different things for you. It could mean your spirituality. It could mean that you do yoga or whatever you believe fits in to the area of awareness. It could just be your higher self. It could be whatever you’d like to call it. I mean you could even call it Betty!

Then, next to that you’re going to find the area of Self-Development and that’s where you like to put in goals around reading, mental stuff, improving your mind-set. You know development skills around becoming smarter or thinking better or as I said improving your memory in general.

The next section is Relationships and relationships breaks into three core categories; relationships with your family, relationships with your friends and relationships with your partner.

From relationships we move into Health. Now health is a very broad category and has anything to do with the body. So fitness, dietary, the way you eat, the way you look, the way you dress all these things will fit into the area of health, quite a broad category.

Then from there we move into Career and career is obviously what you love to do, what you do for a living, what you want to be doing. If you own your own business then career would categorise, you’d put your business into that. But basically you know what career is, I don’t need to explain it to you any further.

The next category is the category of Finances.This is the sort of financial goals you’d like to have next year. Maybe how much you’d like to have in savings, would you like to have investment property, would you like to have maybe a passive stream of income that helps to build your finances.

And the last category is that of Recreation, so things that you like to do, maybetravel, places you like to go to, things you like to do for fun maybe jet skiing on the weekends, maybe learn how to do salsa dancing, whatever that is, you can put those goals in there.

And underneath all of those there is a little section. It’s the 8th section on the sheet that you’ve just downloaded and it’s for Things. So things can include buying a new car, getting a new wardrobe it might be buying a new jet ski for example. So down there put your things and this will just help clarify your mind and get you thinking very clearly about what you want to be doing in 2012.

There’s no point starting next year if you haven’t set your goals, cause if you don’t have goals you’re not going to have clarity and focus in what you want to be doing.

The Start Formula

We like to use the "Start Formula". I’m going to race through that because I don’t want this newsletter to be too long because I just want you to go out there and enjoy the festive season.

So start formula is very simple. It’s S.T.A.R.T. in case you don’t know how to spell start.

The 'S' stands for Specific. And the way I like to set my goals is, can I actually imagine them. If I can’t imagine them then it’s very hard to achieve them. The thing is, the happiness isn’t really a very clear goal but if you said that going to the movies every Tuesday made you happy then you can schedule in every Tuesday to go to the movies and thus you’d actually have something you can imagine that’s specific, that could be a goal.

The next thing is the 'T'. which stands for Time. Have a date by which you either want to have it started or have it finished by. I remember once I wanted to embed into my life, into my ritual, meditation. So I set the date 01.03.07 and that wasn't the date when I would start meditating, it was the date that I was committed to never missing a day of meditation again.

The 'A' stands for Aligned. Make sure they are fully aligned to your highest values and to your purpose. If you don’t know what your purpose is then I would say make it your purpose to find that out cause it’s critical because purpose brings meaning. But make sure your goals align to your highest values, as in what’s most important to you because this will assist you to achieve it.

The next thing is a Reason, have a really big reason why you want the goal. If you don’t have a why, you’re going to have a lot of trouble developing the how and actually coming up with the what. So maybe write out 200 reasons for the big goals you’d like next year not for all of them because you’re probably going to have about 18/20/30 goals. If you’re just writing out 200 reasons all the time you’re going to spend the whole year writing lists and you don’t want to be doing that. You want to actually be enjoying next year.

And the last one, the T stands for 'Track' it, as in, can you actually track the goal. If you can’t track the progress of the goal then it’s going to be very hard to tell whether or not you’re winning. So have some system of tracking its progress and making sure it works out.

That’s the "Start Formula". That’s the gift for you. I wish you the most enjoyable festive season. Have heaps of fun and remember one key thing which is the key learning I got out of my seven days silence. (You can tell I’m speaking a little bit quickly because I haven’t spoken in seven days.)

What I got out of these seven days was, MODERATION. Knowing that is the key to life. So make sure that this festive season you learn how to live in moderation. In fact next year, live in moderation. It allows you a broader range of experiences, it allows you more variety and it also brings a lot more fulfilment. So moderation is the message I’d like to leave you with at the end of this Newsletter.

Until we meet again, smile often, live your life and do whatever it takes to be your own best friend. I’ll see you soon.

PS: Remember, moderation. Download that thing now, click on it. Ciao. Focus Points.pdf Focus Points.docx

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