2 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Speak On A Stage

If you've ever in your entire life thought about getting up on a platform and speaking to a live audience, I'm here to tell you it's probably one of the smartest moves you can ever make! In fact, the late great Wayne Dyer once said that “The hard road gets easy and the easy road gets hard.”

Here's the thing - there are very few people out there that are willing to put themselves out there on the platform and share their message from their hearts for the purposes of inspiring people to take new action that is empowering, and allows them to have a more fulfilling existence.

man_on_stageIf you have even thought of going out there and inspiring people around the world from a stage, I'm here to tell you that there are 2 very good reasons why you would actually want to further that idea and by “further that idea” - I mean actually go out there and master the craft. Learn some great skills and really put yourself out there and have the confidence and courage to share your message!

The very first reason that people find all over the world speaking from a platform is that it is such a successful way of getting your message out there, and also promoting yourself, and of course - making an incredible living doing so is because of this thing known as "attention".

We are stuck in a very, very limited attention economy now. Every moment of every day of your life your attention is being taken by something whether it’s: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, music on the radio or advertisements.

Everywhere you look, your attention is being robbed from you, and whether you like it or not the human attention span is shrinking every single year. It's getting shorter and shorter, but here's the thing: if people get up in the morning, get dressed, make their way into a room in which you are speaking and sit down in that room - well, guess what? You are going to have their attention, and if you have something incredibly inspiring to say, then you pretty much have 100% focus. And that is a very rare thing to have in this day and age!

You see, a lot of people think they're just sharing a message from a stage is inspiring and it's an enjoyable experience but what people don't realise is that professionals understand that having that 100% focused attention is critical to being able to assist people to improve the quality of their life.

So the first reason why you want to go out there and master presenting from a platform is because of that focused attention!

The second big thing, it's no surprise I'm sure you've often heard it before is that when someone sees you live on stage presenting your message, sharing from the heart, explaining what it is that you do, giving live examples, answering questions in the audience and talking through everything that's going on inside the room - people are able to easily and effortlessly develop a much deeper level of trust with you!

If you're able to go out there and put yourself on a platform, you're going to get two incredible ingredients:

  • 100% focus,
  • the ability to gain trust in any environment

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Good news!

The event is completely free but don’t let the free price tag fool you, it's going to be jam-packed full of value! Make sure you do enter your details, if you want to bring your friends along - bring them along as well and just keep that in mind if you do make the decision that you decide to get on a platform and share your message from the stage instantly you're going to have 2 incredible things on your side you're going to have 100% focused attention and a unique ability to develop trust in a way that very few people can do especially in all the other different mediums.

I hope this has been of value to you, I hope you do put yourself out there and start to present in front of groups of people and really go out there and improve people's lives. I look forward to seeing you at the event!

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Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-founder of Authentic Education. He is exquisite at inspiring people to share their message, make a difference in the world and live abundantly on purpose.

Ben has been featured in media such as the Today Show, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post and News.com.au.