8 Ways To Earn $100,000 As A Difference-Maker

Today I wanted to discuss the journey people go on when they're wanting to go out there and make a difference in other people's lives.

And one of the biggest things that hold people back from taking the first step into the journey of being a difference-maker is being able to afford things during their journey: like covering rent, paying for petrol, paying food bills and so forth.

In fact, I would say that money or the lack thereof is one of the key things that stop people from going out there and sharing their message with the world.

So when I first got started in this industry, I had to do some quick calculations to work out if it was actually commercially viable for me to leave my job, my salary, my security and go into a world of actually helping people transform problems in their life and really get them on a path doing what they love.

I also had to factor in what kind of payment I could receive from sharing my services with other people.

Now, everyone has the possibility of earning well over $100,000 in exchange for time, resources, information, ideas and solutions with other people.

So I want to show you the maths that I did when I was starting out. Now, keep in mind these figures are conservative but they definitely give you an idea of what it takes to achieve $100,000 per annum as a difference-maker.

You can choose to begin with any of the delivery methods below and note that each one has different amounts of 'time leverage', which is leveraging your time to serve many clients at once.

So let's have a look at them one at a time:


On average, coaches, consultants and healers can earn around $130 per hour or per session. so if you are looking at about $130 a session and you just serve 15 clients per week, that actually ends up being $100k a year.

And if you end up having ten high-end clients and you offer them a $10K a year package you've already hit your hundred thousand as well. ($10k a year is more than reasonable, and in fact, most coaches charge up to $15K to $30K per annum).



Group coaching and masterminds are working with more than one person at a time and you're generally taking them on a journey through a specific content piece or a specific structure or a piece of information. For example, you might love horse riding and you want to help a whole group of horse riders get to that next level of horse riding.

If you were to charge say $835 per month per person, all you need is ten people and you've hit your hundred thousand dollars a year.

The reason these figures are important is because it is important to earn money doing what you love. If you can't earn money, you can't pay for your lifestyle and it's very difficult to serve people if you don't have a home to sleep in or food to eat etc.

So it is important that we understand the fair exchange between the value we provide and the money that we're owning.


This is an area that a lot of our clients really enjoy. I mean who doesn't fantasise about the idea of travelling to Bali and running a workshop about a topic that you love and helping people all over the world to transform their lives while you hang out in beautiful locations, enjoying the water, swimming, hanging out, having fun, dancing, singing and so on and so forth?

So a lot of our clients we find that go through our programs end up setting retreat-based businesses where they go and teach something that is meaningful to them in a retreat-style scenario and they pick locations all over the world.

But if you're wondering how do you get to $100,000 doing that they'll let me show you how it works; if you were to charge people about $1995 five per person to attend your programs. And $1995 is a little bit below the average of what you'd find in Australia to attend any form of educational event. In fact, the average price point is actually three thousand dollars. So $1995 is a little bit lower than the average. But if you were to get just 11 people and you run five of these per year, you've already hit your hundred thousand dollars.

And if you were to charge a little bit more - say $3995 - and you had just six people attending your programs, and you did five of those per year, once again you get your $100K again.

So what could be better than running beautiful retreats or workshops around the world about topics that you love while earning well in excess of $100K?

Now people ask “Are these figures that people can really achieve and do people actually earn this amount?”

We've found that it takes around about one to two years to hit these figures. Obviously, it's a lot faster for people who bring pre-existing skills because starting from scratch means you don't have any sort of background in any form of business or skills.

We've found that about one or two years of diligent work and really applying yourself and really putting in the effort to discover the strategies, the templates, the tools, the systems that allow you to get the results you're looking for.

In about one to two years you can happily be earning around about $100K per annum. Again, this is a conservative benchmark. And some of our customers have even hit this within forty days of completing the program. So everybody travels at a different speed, but the most important thing is that you apply the knowledge. So if you are willing to apply the information that you're taught then that's the key to it all.


This is where people get paid to speak at corporate events or different functions; they're paid a fee to deliver their presentation. When it comes to keynote presenting in Australia, at the very very bottom of the rung you should be getting paid $1000 a keynote and that that's a very low fee.

I know it might sound like a lot but in the scale of keynote presenting in Australia, that's probably one of the lower fees that you would ever get from keynote presenting. So if you just do two of those per week you already hit your $100k a year.

But let's just say you start doing $2,000 per talk, again pretty much at the low end of the scale. In fact, most keynote presenters earn anywhere $4k - $6k for their 45-minute presentation. And the better keynote presenters go up to about $10k. One of our clients regularly gets booked for keynote presentations and for his 45-minute talk he gets paid $37.5k. So it can scale quite considerably. But if you're getting $2k per talk and you just do one per week then you are already over your $100k.


Online webinars have become very very popular. You get to watch someone's computer screen live where they take you through content following a keynote presentation or a PowerPoint presentation and you get to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Webinars are a very successful way of reaching people, improving the quality of their lives and obviously making a living in the process of doing so.

So when it comes to webinars, you can potentially sell an online product at the end of your webinar for $595. So if you just got 15 people per month, that is your $100k right there.

SIDENOTE: As we work through these delivery methods you'll notice that less and less of your time is required.

For example, with the webinar you can get away with just 45 minutes of your time; and you can sit in the comfort of your own home once a month on your computer in your pajamas if you like because no one could really see you. You simply click through your presentation slides, have a bit of a chat and if 15 people at the end of your presentation purchase your online product, you're at your hundred thousand dollars right there.


There are a lot of requirements around publishing a book, but when you've got the right templates and the right blueprint to follow, getting a book up and running is something that can be done quite easily.

But when it comes to books, it's about volume because there isn't a lot of profit in a book. In fact, you probably only get about $11 profit in a book depending on what kind of book you have and how you sell it. So with eleven dollars profit, you've got to sell t about twenty-five books a day. Now that's definitely an achievable amount but it does require volume to occur.



Online memberships are where you offer people a login to your product online and there are videos and templates and worksheets of information you want to share about whatever topic it is that you love.

For example, let's just say you love meditating, then you might have a complete online education around how to meditate. Within your course would be different modules with different templates and different exercises, and you can hold your clients accountable through online group coaching as well.

Online memberships are an attractive thing to people because of the leverage. Once it's set up once and done correctly you don't have to really use a lot of time after that. So you build it once and then use it forever. This is known in the industry as being 'evergreen'.

Now you can price your online memberships at around $195 per month, so if you have 43 students then you have hit your hundred thousand dollars right there.

So again this doesn't take a lot of your time once it's set up, but it does require a lot of effort in the beginning to set up. But once the whole things online and recorded and it's got the membership and the login is ready to go then you can literally offer that to the marketplace till the end of time and there's not a lot of additional time required from you.


Digital products are just any type of product that you download on the internet. So if you've downloaded an audio program such as a podcast before, or anything digitally or had something transmitted to you digitally, that's what we classed as a digital product.

For example: if your digital product is worth $95 and you sell three per day, you've hit your $100k a year.

Hypothetically, if you were able to earn just over a hundred thousand using each of the above methods it wouldn't be long before you're making seven figures. That's over a million dollars a year making a difference in people's lives, simply by exchanging value and having an impact that is meaningful and inspiring to people.

So if you're wondering if being a difference-maker could be a good career path for you, it can be one of the most rewarding and profitable things you ever do in your life. We've helped thousands of people just like you take that next step in the process and see amazing results.

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