How To Master Objections

I have come to realise that the easiest form of objection handling is to never handle the objection. I remember reading a quote from corporate strategist and master sale trainer Frank Ramano when I first started out in the sales industry saying;

“The greatest product your company has to offer is a well informed employee”

How do you become a well informed employee, even if it is your own business?

Start by writing down the top 3-5 objections you get to a product or service and then commit them to memory.

When you next engage a prospect in conversation strategically bring them up in conversation within the first few minutes through various forms of metaphor.

Think of the sales process as going into battle where your opponent has a variety of weapons they have brought with them to use during their combat. Regardless of what you hear anyone say to you or how politely or impolitely they dress up the objection it will always fall into one of four main categories:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Trust
  • Effectiveness

Learning to sift through the information and hear the underlying objection is beneficial yet not necessary. I can wait for you to draw each of these weapons and we can then struggle back and forth for a few minutes until I take it off you using objection handling techniques, however, it is always better to disarm your opponent right from the beginning.

I prefer to use the path of least resistance in everything I do and sales is no different. Simply mention the most common objections right in the beginning before they have a chance to draw any of their weapons and that leaves them completely defenceless and open to authentic communication.

I am not here to battle with anyone especially if I can simply disarm them right from the word go. Then once the opponent is disarmed we can enjoy an open conversation free from fear.

This is the ultimate way to sell anything, when there are no barricades up and it is just two human beings connecting and sharing ideas and concepts for the mutual betterment of all involved.

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