How We Run Successful Zoom Events

Do you want to know how we run successful Zoom events? I mean, would you like to actually share your message and grow hearts in a business with the power and popularity of Zoom?

Over the last few years, we’ve run more than 125 Zoom events, ranging from one-hour to one-day to six-day events. And before that, we’ve run in-person events for well over a decade.

One of the most surprising things that I’ve discovered is that Zoom events are more successful than in-person events. Now, that’s something I would never have believed if you had told me before.

Personally, I discovered that you are more connected to people in a Zoom event than you are in an in-person event. A lot of people think that Zoom events are less personal, but there’s actually never been a greater human connection than via Zoom.

The Zoom VIP Experience

The Zoom VIP Experience - How We Run Successful Zoom EventsEveryone who attends a Zoom event has a front-row seat. Everyone at a Zoom event is a VIP. But the problem is that most people get it wrong when they’re doing their Zoom events.

They miss the critically important distinction that must be made in their delivery style. That is, a Zoom event is far less like a presentation to a large group of people. It is a lot more like a conversation with one person.

Presenting Your Message

You need to adjust your speaking style in order to have successful Zoom events. The best way to do it is to stop thinking in terms of a presentation. Instead, start thinking in terms of a conversation. Consider that it will be a far more relaxed, conversational style of delivery.

If you get that right, you learn the steps required to run successful Zoom events sharing your knowledge online. You’ll be able to harness the power of Zoom and reach people on a worldwide scale.

You’ll be more able to reach these people by using a lot less of your precious time and your hard-earned money compared to what’s involved with those in-person events.

3 Assets For Successful Zoom Events

To be successful in doing what you love, you need three important assets:

1. The Right Package

Your package is what you offer people that helps them get results in their life. To do that successfully, you first need to identify who your ideal client is.

For example, think about their current problems, dreams, and goals. Once you know this, you need to actually show them a path—a clear three to five steps that start at their current problem and finish at their future goal.

People don’t pay for your services; they pay for the path.

This is critically important because people don’t pay for your services. They pay for the path. Once you’ve created a path, you can use that to create the right packages for your ideal client.

The package itself helps your ideal client implement the exact steps that give them the results that they desire most in their life. It includes selecting things like the right price, the right name, the inclusions, and then the list goes on.

2. The Right Conversation

Your ideal clients will be able to take the next step when you are successful at delivering the conversation. So if you want people to be interested in your services, you need to learn how to capture people’s attention. And more importantly, you need to learn how to hold it.

On social media, the average person spends a whopping 1.4 seconds on each post. So learning how to capture attention and then hold it is the first essential step.

However, there’s absolutely no point in doing this if nobody takes action. You need to learn exactly how to inspire people to buy. Otherwise, the entire process of grabbing attention is an utter waste of time.

3. The Right Presentation

A lot of people want to grow and scale their business. But in order for you to do that—if you want to go out there and share your message with the world—you need to have a winning presentation.

It allows you to forego one-on-one sessions and instead scale your business through a variety of one-to-many workshops, group coaching, online courses, retreats, and so on.

Once you’ve created a winning presentation, you can use the same presentation to attract clients from all over the world, 24/7, using automation.

Sharing Your Knowledge Online

The good news is that you only need to have one package, one type of conversation, and one presentation. But all three need to be done the right way to run successful Zoom events.

That’s why we created the free online course called “Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online”. At the program, you will learn exactly how to discover your true passion and the five steps to package your passion into an offer that people are inspired to buy.

One step at a time, you will learn how to replace self-doubt with self-confidence. There is so much more that we will cover. I hope to see you there!

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