The Simple Truth About Sales

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It is amazing how many people have an unprecedented fear to the art of selling.

Whenever I am learning any type of skill I am always looking for the most effective system with the least number of steps involved. There is an old Portuguese proverb that says;

Beware of the door that has too many keys

I have studied sales processes that have over 45 steps and although they were effective they were virtually impossible to remember.

I find a lot of people out there love to overcomplicate the most simple of human behaviours, sales being one of them.

Sales is a natural skill that everyone is born with

From the moment your eyes open and you arrive here on this planet you are forced to discover a way of ‘selling’ your mother into feeding you some milk.

The most effective technique, or sales strategy, you discover quite early on is to cry and scream as loud as you can. Over time you refine and develop this technique for survival to meet a range of needs, well most of us do though I still meet sales representatives from time to time who have not quite grown out of the ‘screaming loudly and crying if I don’t get my way’ sales technique. Not one I recommend practising if you ever hope to build long-term relationships.

I think this is why sales as an industry really needs to be demystified and the truth needs to come out. Every day in some way you are selling something be it a thought, a movie to go to, a sandwich bar to eat at, an emotion or feeling, a personal problem you have, a limiting belief system, and so on to either yourself or somebody else.

Everything I do is based on the concept that the measure of truth is effectiveness. So next time you hear the word 'sales' do not cringe in fear, instead simply smile and realise that you are a natural.

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