12 Ways To Build Credibility

What are some ways to build your credibility as a coach, a practitioner, or a service provider if you’ve just started? Well, here’s the thing. In order to address that, you need to shift the way in which you view credibility.

Credibility is not just about the number of years of experience. So I want to give you 12 outside-the-box credibility boosters that you can apply straight away in your heart-centred business to build more credibility.

1. Highlight The Modality

Put the spotlight on the process that delivers the result, not the person who delivers the process. Highlight the credibility of the modality you use to help people change their lives.

12 Ways To Build Credibility - Share Your Why2. Share Your Why

People love to hear the driving reason behind what got you started. Sharing this builds personal trust, which is incredibly valuable in any business.

3. Use Your Struggles

Use the struggles and triumphs that you have had in life that directly relate to what it is that you do. For me, quite often I share the fact that I was incredibly in debt over $137,000 worth of debt—and that I was grossly overweight at a certain point in my life. And this struggle that I went through helps people understand the journey I’ve been on, which actually builds credibility.

4. Highlight Content You’ve Created

So for me, I’ve written a number of internationally best-selling books. I’ve created a range of different programs, but on top of that, we have a lot of YouTube clips online. We’ve also done a lot of podcasts. So, we can highlight all of that to build credibility for our message.

5. Showcase Years Of Study

Highlight the years of experience you have studying a particular field. So for me, I’m incredibly passionate about psychology. I study it all the time. I mean, if you were to go through my Audible account, you’re just going to find psychology upon psychology.

You might not have attended a traditional educational institution, such as a university. It does, however, boost your credibility.

6. Showcase Years Of Industry Experience

Share the number of years of experience you have working in a particular industry. Even if it doesn’t directly relate to what you do, this shows a commitment to your craft.

7. Highlight Media Appearances

Consider any media appearances you have had. For example, have you been published in the local newspaper? Have you had a short stint on television?

Quite often, you will see on our website that we list logos such as SBS, the Today Show, news.com, the Huffington Post, and so on. Of course, all of that can assist you.

8. Highlight Relevant Personal Achievements

Consider anything that you’ve achieved personally like maybe you won seven of seven swimming races at your local carnival, or maybe you have personal achievements in an endurance process you’ve done.

As I know, one of our trainers once was an ultramarathon runner, and quite often he would use that ultramarathon running as a credibility point. Any personal achievements that you can brainstorm are also going to add to it.

9. Share Testimonials

If you have worked with people and have helped people along the way, then make sure that you highlight that. Testimonials bring an incredible amount of credibility.

10. Use Your Titles

Number 10 is whatever your title is. For me, I have a number of titles. We use the Difference-Maker Mentor, we use the Master Coach, and we also use the Co-Founder of Authentic Education. And each one of those titles brings credibility.

11. Feature Certificates And Credentials

Consider what certificates or credentials you have that you can incorporate into your communication to boost your credibility.

12. Feature Associations

What are the associations that you belong to? You could be a member of the ICF, the International Coaching Federation, and that association brings credibility when you are talking to coaches. Maybe you are a member of Toastmasters or something. If so, mention it because it will boost your credibility.

Creating A Heart-Centred Business

As you grow your credibility, your business is also going to grow. It is something we learned from training thousands of new and existing coaches from over 21 countries around the world since 2009. And it’s important to understand that building credibility is just one very small piece of the three essential pillars for creating a heart-centred business.

To be successful in doing what you love, you need three important assets: the right package, conversation, and presentation. Your package needs to offer people results, and a path from their current problem to their future goal. Conversation needs to grab and hold attention and inspire people to act. Presentation allows you to scale your business with workshops, group coaching, online courses and more. All three need to be done in the right way.

I know you probably have many questions, so I’d like to invite you to attend my free online course, Prosper From Your Passion Sharing Your Knowledge Online, to get a step-by-step breakdown of how to do what you love.

It’ll have no fluff or boring filler content—only practical steps to create a business. Discover your true passion and learn how to package it into an offer, replacing self-doubt with self-confidence.

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