How To Become A Key Person Of Influence In Your Industry

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When you’re a Key Person of Influence (KPI), you’ll find that it’s so much easier to find great opportunities. Whether it be in your business or personal life, becoming one makes it simpler to find that window of opportunity to achieve your life’s goals.

The term “Key Person Of Influence” is from best-selling author and entrepreneur, Daniel Priestly. According to his book, here are just some of the doors that will open up for you once you become a key person of influence.

  • The media – they are always on the lookout for feature stories and expert opinions. Become a key player in your industry and they will more than likely reach out to you when they have a relevant story.
  • Presenting at major events – get invited as a highly-paid guest speaker at a major event, which in turn can create other lucrative opportunities.
  • Your dream life – get invited to an all-expenses-paid holiday for you and your loved ones, become a VIP at special events, receive gifts, achieve financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom, etc.

By becoming a key person of influence, you will have more fun, you will make more money and you will experience more recognition than most of the people on this planet!

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So, how do you become a KPI? Here is the Key Person of Influence review which shows the exact steps that you can do today.

Step 1 – Create Your Perfect Pitch

When somebody asks you, “So, what do you do?”, you need to have a powerful answer for that.

This is because it really doesn’t matter how awesome your services are or how great your products are if you don’t know how to sell them. They are essentially worthless.

Man working on his speech imageSo invest some time in creating your perfect pitch that reveals what you are all about as well as the benefits of what people will get if they bought your services and products.

Practice your perfect pitch enough to be able to share your message across different platforms and scenarios, such as talking to clients in a boardroom, chatting with a friend at a café or giving a 90-minute keynote speech. If you need help with this, download our free Perfect Pitch audio program here.

Step 2 – Publish

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Step two on how to transform into a key person of influence is to publish. You need to write down your thoughts down into a book or at the very least publish some online articles, preferably on your own website.

Having a website is important because it serves as your portfolio. These days, you can easily create your own WordPress website or you can have someone do it for you on Fiverr for a fee.

However, nothing beats having your own book. Writing a book is the most effective way to gain credibility, establish a professional reputation and the fastest way to become an expert in your industry.

Is fear stopping you from writing your book? Check out our Author Express Publishing Package here to learn how we can assist you and get you published in no time.

Step 3- Create Products

Transform your skills into products and services that people want to buy. Find your niche - a market that you know and understand well. Doing so will allow you to corner a specific market.

Creating a new product

Here are a few must-haves to create your winning service or product:

  • It must solve a problem
  • It must be priced and packaged as part of a product/service ecosystem – don’t solve a problem then create another
  • It must be profitable – do your market research
  • The results of your products and services must be tangible, e.g. increasing business revenue from 6 to 7 figures

Step 4 – Raise Your Profile

To raise your profile, make sure that when somebody Googles your name or your business that great things come up.

Characters of people and their social network illustration imageThis is where your website and your social media profiles like your Facebook business page, Twitter, Linkedin profile, etc. come in.

Define your vision, mission and purpose in your profiles. What do you want to be recognised for? How do you want people who visit your profiles to think about you?

Another tried and tested method to raise your profile is to do speaking events. Speaking from a platform is one of the best if not THE best way to get your message out there. If done right, you’ll have your audience’s full attention, and they will develop a much deeper trust in you.

Master the art of presenting because it is the fastest way to becoming a key person of influence.

Step 5 – Partner With Performers

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There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. Every millionaire in this world is connecting with the right people. So never be afraid to connect with the top performers in your industry and ask for help!

Start to network with like-minded people to grow your business through referrals and new connections. List down successful business owners and influencers that you would like to work with and contact them.

Preferably, they should also be a key person of influence who has access to your target market so that you can increase the number of potential clients for your business.

Partnering with the right people will allow you to reach your goals faster, which will help you to transform into a KPI in your industry in no time.

In Conclusion

Daniel Priestly’s book is a must-read if you want to become a key player in your industry. To recap this Key Person of Influence review, the five steps needed to become a key person of influence are:

  1. Create your perfect pitch
  2. Publish
  3. Create products
  4. Raise your profile
  5. Partner with performers

Do these steps and you’ll have a steady stream of revenue, opportunities will come to find you (and not the other way around), and you will always be a valuable asset to your industry.

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We hope you enjoyed this Key Person of Influence review. Want to learn the easiest way to create a business doing what you love from scratch? Check out our Difference-Maker Accelerator program here.

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