How To Share Your Message With The World

I get alot of questions about the best way to share your message. This newsletter is about the most leveraged way of doing so. I believe the best way of doing that is what I am doing right now...speaking directly into a camera.

By speaking to this camera and connecting with you, you have the ability to listen to the message that I have to share and you can also forward this link to any of your friends. So, a couple of things I want to share with you about presenting to a camera the things you need to remember...

Rule #1 - Stare directly at the lens like you looking at your best friend

People think when you present to a camera you should present like you are presenting to thousands of people. But the problem with that is viewers feel you are not talking directly to them. Instead, act as if you are only speaking to one person and that one person happens to be your very best friend.

Rule #2 - Don't move around too much

Don’t be fidgeting, twitching or moving around. The more you move, the more viewers will get annoyed and stop watching.

Rule #3 - Be natural and Authentic

Don’t be nice and soft and who you are (unless that's who you are!). For some reason, people lose their animation when they are on camera, they lose their essence they lose who they truly are. So don't forget to infuse your essence into the camera so people can really connect with the energy that you have.

Rule #4 - Give content that's valuable

Think about what you're an expert in, what it is you specialise in, what is that you coach people in, or what sort of product you make. Make a list of 50 of those topics and then record some 2-3 min videos about some of those topics.

As a result of listening and watching this video newsletter please make that list of 50 topics, get yourself a video camera or just use your mobile phone and start recording your message. Start sharing with the world the people actually understand what it is you do.

You may have a beautiful message in your heart but if it stays there, it has no value to anybody. So open up your heart, share your message with the world and start making real difference out there.

Until we meet again, smile often, live your love and do whatever it takes to be our own best friend.

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