Keys To A World Class Presentation: Eye Contact

When you're getting ready to deliver your points, make sure you make eye contact.

Why do you want to make eye contact? Because it develops a connection with the audience. If I'm talking to a whole room full of people, but I started talking to you, you and I start having a chat and we actually connect. We're talking about presenting and eye contact and we're having a connection here the whole room feels that because you and I connected.

Connecting With Your Audience Using Eye Contact

Thanks to this collective consciousness, this bonding that takes place inside the room, the synergy or vibration if I can connect deeply with you, then I connect deeply with everyone in the room. If I don't connect deeply with you then no one else feels it.

So as you're presenting, look people in the eye. Communicate with them and actually connect. Now just for entertainment, raise your hand if at any point during today's presentation I've looked you directly in the eye and I've spoken to you. Raise your hand if I've done that at all during this talk.


How To Connect With Everyone In The Room

I want to talk to you! Now, you've got to look somewhere you might as well look at eyeballs. Where else are you going to look? And there's plenty of them to choose from and so I know for sure this was going to happen. Today I'm going to talk maybe thousands of sentences today.

There are not thousands of people in this room, so all I've got to do is when I'm ready to talk, I'll start talking to you and if you and I feel comfortable then I'll share a few more sentences with you.

If you start to feel uncomfortable I won't make you anymore uncomfortable, so I will move across just another set of eyeballs and then will start talking.

And if we're comfortable I'll share a few sentences and then we finish those if you're still comfortable I'll keep talking if not, then I'll move to another set of eyeballs.

Our live event started this morning at 9am and before 10:30 I'd spoken to 95% of this room. I'd look you in the eye and spoken to you within an hour and a half.

It's not hard a room for this size. You get to 500. To get to 1000 might take you an hour and a half maybe two hours more than that. Within two to three hours, a thousand people you've spoken to everyone on the room, no problems at all.

Just trust where your eyes go. Don't try and count!

"Ok...I've seen red - done!"
"You, pink top... necklace - Ok, I've looked at you!"
"White jacket, buttons... done that!"

Just let your eyes go where they go, just trust the process.

Having A Conversation With Every Single Person... Using Your Eyes

When you need to connect - you connect and you'll find the eyes and you'll have a chat. So use eye contact because it makes a big difference and it does make you feel like the speaker spoke directly to you and I want to speak to you because you did come out here and you deserve to be spoken to!

World class professional presenters have the ability to connect.

This is what amateurs do:
"Hi...hey! How do doin' Sydney, uhm... from where am I... Adelaide...? Melb...? - Queensland! Hey, uh guys from Queensland. It grea... it's really good to be here. So I just want to talk to you about presenting because...uhm... presenting is kind of this cool thing... and...uhm... I think presenting is good, you know? :("

I don't know where to look! I don't know what the heck they're doing! We're having trouble getting around the same sentence. That's zero connection, guaranteed!

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