The Difference Between an Amateur and a Professional Presenter

There's a big difference between professional speakers and amateur speakers:

Amateur speakers, speak the way they want to speak.
Professional speakers, speak the way people listen

People listen in a formulaic way: there is a formula to how people listen. Which means you need to learn to speak the way people listen if you ever want anybody to hear your message.

There are very key distinctions to how we listen, so I started to learn this formula and applied the formula. As a result of that, I start to realise that it's quite interesting that we listen in a very specific way. There are actually 8 ways people listen, 8 core ways which means all presentations must contain all 8 elements, if you want people to hear what you are saying.

gesturesProfessional speakers don't just get up, show up and throw up. They actually have a key idea of where they are heading with their talk. So professional speakers have 5 foundations that make things relevant. These are 5 things that are essential to allowing you to go out there and communicate what's going on and basically what we know is this: that professional speakers, before they do anything at all, before they put pen to paper - write a single word of their talk they first orchestrate their outcome.

What I mean by that is a professional speaker identifies the exact specific action they want their audience to take at the end of their talk and as a result of that they write the whole talk to get that action to occur.

An amateur says, "I LOVE GUITARS! I want to go and talk about guitars!"
A professional says, "When I finish my talk, everyone in the room will have a burning desire to play the guitar."

Professionals inspire action, amateurs share content. There's a huge difference between the two.

It takes less than 3 minutes to teach people how to meditate, and that includes practice time. In just 3 minutes, you can meditate like a world class Zen monk meditator. But listen carefully to this distinction: it takes 90 full minutes to get you to meditate every day for the rest of your life. Do you understand the difference?

I can teach you meditation like an amateur in 3 minutes, or I spend 90 full minutes choosing every word - laser focused targeted - so when you leave my talk the very first thing you do tomorrow morning is to meditate.

Professional speakers inspire new action, if there's no new action - your talk is a waste of time. So what you need to do as a professional speaker is to get people to act. They have to take action. The purpose of all education is action. You talk to any Dean, any Principal, any Headmaster of any educational organisation and you ask them "What is the purpose of education?" And every single one of them will say, "Action!" Every one of them.

It's the reason that we educate ourselves, so if I can't get you to take a new action tomorrow morning then this day is a waste of time, unfortunately. But this whole talk is scripted to get you take specific actions, so what you have to do is improve your communication skills and work-out what action you would like people to take.

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