Using The “Rule Of Three” To Craft World-Class Presentations

The Rule Of ThreeIn the world of presenting and public speaking, the Rule Of Three works like this: deliver your points in 3's, thus, the rule of 3s.

What we know is that human psychology can handle three things at once before it feels a need to protect itself.

So, if I get up and start to present more than three key ideas, no matter what the duration we have together, you activate what's called a sympathetic nervous system.

You go from parasympathetic (where your blood is flowing to your organs correctly) to a sympathetic (where you send blood out into your limbs for imminent attack or for running).

As you send blood out to your limbs, you withdraw blood from the top of your head down to the base of your head. This will make you start to listen with the most basic part of your brain - a very animalistic-natured idea.

If you start listening with this part of your brain, it means you're no longer listening with the most advanced part of your mind, which in turn means the content is no longer resonating. To remedy this, I would have to simplify the content to pick you back up again and bring you up again.

So when you're presenting, you’ve got to present up the brain stem. You've got to present very basic ideas in the first two to three minutes. Then you’ve got to present very logical ideas when you get up to the neocortex.

Therefore as you’re presenting, you present up the brain stem in the way that the blood flows in, where the glucose flows into the mind. Now if you know how to present that way, your talks would be natural in nature and people will feel comfortable inside them.

However, if you tried presenting from the top of the head down, people will feel really uncomfortable.

Therefore, we need to appreciate that if I stick to the Rule Of Three, what happens is you'll always feel comfortable. You won't have to defend yourself. Because once you defend yourself, you’ll stop listening, and at the first break, you’ll leave as soon as possible because you're not comfortable.

So professional speakers will always speak using the rule of 3s.

If you want to learn how to craft a world-class presentation, learn to communicate using the Rule Of Three. Speaking in 3’s will always make sense to the listener.

Remember, speak the way they listen, not the way you talk.

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