What I Did To Attract More Money Into My Life

What I Did To Attract More Money Into My Life blog image

I’d like to share with you something that I did to attract more money into my life which led to helping me earn more than $180,000 in just a month.

One of the greatest epiphanies I ever had about money was when I was sitting in my desk one day, and I was looking deeper into the meaning of money. I thought, “What if money was just a form of love?”

It really hit me. I realised that money is the transference of appreciation.

The more people appreciate what you do for them, the more they’re going to transfer money to you. And the highest transference of money on this planet is for people that solve problems.

So, my get-rich-quick scheme for everybody is if you want to get rich quick, you have to solve more problems. That’s it.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing as a quick buck. To attract more money into your life, you just have to solve more problems in the world.

Man wearing brown sweater imageWhen you solve more problems, more people will appreciate you. And the more people appreciate you, the more they’re going to show you that appreciation in the form of money.

Once you realise that money is the transference of appreciation, then what you need to understand is when people start giving you their appreciation but you don’t appreciate yourself, you will get rid of that appreciation.

That’s because you don’t want any reminders that you are worthy of being appreciated and that you are worthy of love.

I know a lot of people out there that make a huge amount of money, but because they don’t value and appreciate themselves, they get rid of that money and go into debt.

I was also in debt once, even though I was earning quite a substantial income - about $130,000 worth of debt. In fact, it piqued at about $170,000, and I wasn’t paying that debt off at all.

In hindsight, I realised that the reason I held onto that debt for so long (around 7-8 years) was that the debt was a great reminder that I wasn’t worthy of love.

By keeping the debt, I could remind myself that I didn’t feel like I deserved love from anyone else or love for myself for that matter. I really had very low self-worth and a very low appreciation level of what I could do.

But as I started to appreciate myself more and work on myself more and truly start to look in at what value I provide and why I deserve love, my debt started to decrease.

And as I got more and more aligned to my inner worth, my debt pretty much vanished. And pretty soon, my bank account started to appreciate, and then it started to gain interest.

A happy woman in a field of flowers imageSo, as I appreciated myself more, the universe in kind responded to that vibration. And I don’t mean to be woo woo about it, but the simple fact is if you don’t feel like you deserve good things, you’re going to get rid of anything that reminds you that you’re worthy.

Therefore you won’t have nice things at your house, and you’ll get rid of all the money you’ve got. You’ll just move it away from you because you wouldn’t want that constant reminder.

What To Do To Make More Money

Now as I learned how to appreciate myself more, a very simple technique that I did to attract more money was I wrote out 500 reasons why I’m already worth $20 million, which is a really interesting list to write, but it transformed my life.

The day I did that was quite strange. We already started Authentic Education and we were doing quite well. We were generating in the vicinity of about $30-40,000 a month in revenues.

So we built up a successful business over several years, and I was still working on myself, and I finally write this list out. I was still in a little bit of debt by the way. But the very next month, I made over $180,000, which is a ridiculous amount of money to make in a month.

Woman writing on a notebook imageI mean for me it was a phenomenal amount of money, and it just blew my mind! And I didn’t do anything different. I didn’t serve more clients, I didn’t speak to more people, I didn’t make any more sales… the only different thing was that I’d written this list.

And so I sat down and started to think about what has actually occurred. The reason list writing is so profound is that as you’re writing lists and reasons out, what’s happening inside your neurology is you are zapping back and forth over a specific neural pathway. You’re sending activity – electricity, chemicals – back and forth over and over again.

It’s not long before your brain starts to think, “What’s going on in this little pathway here? What’s happening on this road here where this thought keeps going back and forth?”

And as it keeps going back and forth, the brain says whatever is happening here must be important. So, we’re going to have to prioritise it because the mind deals with what’s important. And if you can prove to your brain that something is important, it can manifest it virtually instantly.

The key and the secret is importance.

Importance is the key that sets the mind free.

So, the more important you make anything, the faster you can create it!

By writing out 500 reasons why you’re already worth $20 million, your brain can’t help but go, “Oh my goodness! This guy’s had this thought 500 times in a row. This must be important!”

And all the alarm bells go off, and they activate the nervous system and say, “Hey! We missed something! Ben is finally letting us know that $20 million is important to him!”

So what the body, the mind, the soul and the spirit does is it just goes out there and creates it instantly.

What I Did To Attract More Money Into My Life – In Conclusion

I’ve done research into psychology, human development and all of this field of inspiration and attraction for more than two decades now, and truly the single most important discovery I made is importance is the key that sets the mind free.

If you can make things important in your life, they will literally show up. And the fastest way I found of doing that is list writing.

You can’t believe my disappointment of travelling around the world studying some of the most incredible personal development techniques that have ever existed. From making clay buildings out with Native American shamans to doing crystal therapies and sacred geometries, the most effective thing on planet Earth when it comes to learning how to live your love and make more money is list writing.

Japanese lucky coin catIt might not be as exciting as some of the other stuff out there, but that fact is, it works!

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