Forecasting Next Year’s Cashflow

Today I want to share with you the concept of how to forecast and create and generate wealth into your life through your calendar.

Scheduling in your lifestyle and income ensures next year is the way youdesigned it to be. Otherwise you'll fall prey to someone else’s design and do you know what they have planned for you? Not much!

(As part of this newsletter you'll notice that you can actually download beneath this video, a link to an excel sheet that has 2013 ready to go).

Here is how I plan my calendar. It may be different for you depending on your values, but this will give you a good guide to follow. You can then work out how you'd like to spend your time.

First I start by scheduling all of my family's birthdays. I place a high value on this. So this way I ensure I am always there to celebrate with them.

Second thing that goes into my calendar is all of my holidays because it's also about lifestyle. If you can book and pay for your holidays before the year begins then you have a truly deep understanding of how to value your time and really put yourself first in line.

Third I like to put the events in that I'd like to run next year. So I place them all around the calendar and make sure that there is a nice flow to it so that I can feel the vibe of how the students attending the courses will flow from one course to the next.

Fourth I then place in the number of coaching days I would like to do next year.

Fifth I put in everything else like the number of webinars I like to run and maybe even the number of evening events I would like to run.

Going into next year knowing how many days you have off and how many days are allocated to holidaying, speaking, coaching, family time etc really assists withbalance. It avoids you getting stressed or overwhelmed.

Next year I’d like to look at having around 150 days off. Then I like to work out I allocate the remaining 215 days. Once I have clarity around this I find I get a real sense of peace knowing how my year is going to unfold and I am able to predict what sort of income I’m going to have as well.

You have to take the action and schedule it into your life though. Lots of people speak about wanting to become wealthy but very few people actually schedule it into their diary. Until you schedule it to your diary nothing really is ever going to happen.

Anthony Robbins says that "what's talked about is a dream, what's envisaged is exciting, what's planned is possible but nothing is really until its scheduled".

So until we meet again I really hope (and know) you can plan your calendar out and gain clarity for next year.

Until we meet again, smile often, live your love and do whatever it takes to be our own best friend.

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(Australian Public Holidays are Grey in this calendar. You can then make your holidays green, your coaching days purple, events orange etc)

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