The MOST popular question answered about Wealth Creation

We recently conducted a survey about wealth creation and people's theories around the topic. We also wanted to understand the road blocks people face when trying to create their own Financial Freedom Formula.

From the hundreds of responses we've received, there was one question from our respondents that clearly stood out.

Its a question that creates an incredible psychological, limiting belief that often prevents people moving towards the abundance they know they deserve and desire in life. The question was:

"How can I begin a journey wealth creation if I don't have any money?"

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The fact is, the journey is called "wealth creation" for a reason, as it is a journey about creating wealth, quite often from zero.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "self-made millionaire" before. The phrase itself actually stands for people who have generated an incredible amount of abundance in the area of finance starting at zero.

Both my business partner Cham Tang and myself began our journey into business and ultimately into the creation of abundance in all areas of our lives with little over $5,000 each to our names.

The fact is: if you don't have any money, that's probably the best reason to begin a wealth creation journey. It's also the best starting point as well.

When it comes to building wealth, there are 5 different asset classes that you need to become aware of, as they are the 5 classes that people can create wealth within. Watch the video above to learn about each of these classes.

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