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Last newsletter I went through the whole concept of meaning, message and mission and I just want to follow on from that. Because I am really on a mission here. For those who don't know, I am all about educating, inspiring and empowering people. The message that I go out there to share with the world is Live Your Love. In fact if I had only one thing that I can tell you about life I would simply sum it up as Live Your Love.

Helping people make a difference and fortune doing only what they love is something I can surrender to and allows me to feel completely fulfilled. In fact if I wasn't getting paid to do this I would still do this. This really is how you know you found a mission for you.

Until you find a cause bigger than yourself you will never get over yourself. Today I want to show you where you can find what I call your heart centered fortune. As in, where is your wealth hiding right now? If you're struggling to generate money and generate income I'm going to explain why that may be.

In order to find your heart centered fortune you need to look at three intersecting circles known as a venn diagram.

Firstly, find your message (as explained in the last newsletter). What one piece of advice would you give somebody if you could only give them one sentence?

Secondly, work out what your method is. How would you like to deliver that message out to the market place. I know people who choose acting, coaching, songs, accounting...there are millions ways in which you can choose to get your message out to the market. What I recommend is find a method that actually aligns to your natural strengths and abilities. This really is how to get into flow and get into what’s called alignment.

Lastly, look at the market. You need to get to place where you can actually find people they want hear your message thorough the method you chosen. And really what you find right in the center of this three circles is what I’d like to call your 'Heart Centered Fortune'.

If you're struggling to generate income or really make money in life, quite often people I have worked with and coached find it's because they don't have a mission, message or meaning. As a result to that never picked a method that is unique to them and align to them and really highlights their natural strengths.

They never bother to take time to locate the market to captivate the market and to elevate the market doing what they love. You don't have to quit your job, you don't have to be entrepreneur or even work for yourself. You can live on purpose simply by finding your message, finding your method and finding a market that wants to receive it.

What I would like you to think about as a result of this newsletter is ask yourself:

What method is most authentic to you?
Which way do you like to do what you do?
Do you like to analyze, engineer, develop, talk, speak, promote, work, implement?

I don’t know what it is, What is natural for you and how can you live to deliver your message What is your unique and authentic method.

Until we meet again, smile often, live your love and do whatever it takes to be our own best friend.

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