Can You Coach Yourself To Success In Business & Life?

I've got a really powerful question for you today, and that is..."How successful would you be if you only did the things that you knew you should?"

I mean how different would your health be if you did all the sit-ups, ate the healthy food?

How would your career look like if you didn't procrastinate, if you were more assertive at work?

Or how different would your business be if you implemented that one killer idea you've been procrastinating? Or recorded a video or whatever it happens to be?

The reason this is so important is because so many people I speak to, have their priorities back to front. In that, we're so busy trying to get more information but what we really need is to get more out of ourselves.

And the more you can maximize your own potential the more you can maximize your results. And that goes for any area of life.

But the problem for most people is that we've never studied human behaviour. We don't really know what causes people to think or feel a certain way. To take certain actions or not act at all. Or how to change someone's mindset for good?

And this skill of being able to understand and use human behaviour is known as coaching.

So when you have that skill of coaching it allows you to do three important things.

1. Coach Yourself To Success

Number one, to coach yourself to success. To exercise regularly, to reply to that difficult email, to get in front of a camera etc. I mean we all have challenges in life and I can't tell you the number of times I've had to coach myself to have a better mindset or to take action on something that I know that is good for me.

2. Become A Better Marketer

Number two is coaching allows you to become a better marketer. You'll get a flood of new clients when you really understand human behaviour and how to change someone's mind for good.

3. Become A Better Leader And Manager

Number three is, it allows you to become a better leader and a manager. Because management and leadership, all it really is, is coaching someone to get the best out of themselves.

So that's why I'm really excited about the upcoming one-day event that we've got called, How to Become a Highly Successful Coach.

It's definitely for coaching yourself to improve your mindset and staff.

But it's also for people who are curious about coaching, and for existing coaches, and if you want to add coaching as an additional skill or revenue stream to your current business.

It's presented by my business partner, Benjamin J. Harvey, who's Australia's only two-time BRW award-winning coach.

So he's done now over 10,000 individual one on one coaching sessions. He is definitely a master of human behaviour and he'll be teaching you things and showing you things live on stage such as how to use neuroscience to replace any feeling of self-doubt, anxiety or resistant with rock-solid self-belief.

He'll also be showing the only seven strategies he's used in his coaching business.

You don't have to learn 50 different techniques like a lot of coaches out there. Being overwhelmed, always thinking they need to learn one more technique before their ready. You just have to learn the seven he's used with over 10,000 different sessions.

If you want to grab a free ticket, we're doing eight cities in Australia and also New Zealand. So just put your details in the form below and I look forward to seeing you at the event.