Want To Join The Crewing Community?

Our events wouldn't be possible without a great crew to support them.

Authentic Education is presenting our programs live online - via Zoom.

It is a great platform to teach and connect with our students whilst continuing to provide a world-class education to our community.

Do You…?

  • Have a passion to help others in their personal growth and development?
  • Want to support your fellow students to live their love?
  • Want to learn more skills for your work or business?
  • Want to be a bigger part of the Authentic Community?

If you said YES to the above, then keep reading!

Benefits to crewing:

  • Learn the program content from a different and deeper perspective
  • Help participants by sharing your knowledge and wisdom
  • Network with like-minded crew members
  • Go behind the scenes to learn the systems that helped us win 2 BRW Fast Start awards
  • Bonus sessions to help with your own business
  • Specially designed sales training days presented by Authentic Education Events Team
  • Have fun and be a part of an awesome event!

IT Requirements to Crew:

Online programs require crew to have certain IT resources to be eligible

Internet High quality & reliable internet connection for the entire event
PC or laptop access Crew need to run Zoom from a pc or laptop NOT a mobile phone or tablet.

(Phones & tablets do not show the full Zoom functions required for crew)

Computer Webcam & Mic We need to be able to hear and see you properly! (you also need good lighting)
WhatsApp Access and working knowledge of WhatsApp. This is how the crew team communicate during the event


You need a quiet space indoors where you can be online for the duration of the event. A spare room or office is perfect.

Experience Required to Crew:

We offer both 1 day free events and paid programs. The eligibility criteria for both are outlined below.

1 Day Free Event

You must have attended as a participant at least 2 x 1-day free events first
You need to be available and commit to the entire day: 8.30am - 7.30pm
You need to attend the sales training day presented by the Authentic Events Team: 10am - 5pm

 Paid Program

You must have crewed a minimum of 3 x 1-day events via Zoom and can demonstrate the requirements of a crew member to be considered for a Paid Program
You must have completed the program as a participant already
You need to be available 8:30am - 7pm each day, and commit to the full program
You need to attend the crew training session held prior to the commencement of the event.

Crew Dollars

While it is not the reason to Crew, you will receive Crew Dollars for crewing at our events.

Please note that Crew Dollars can be applied to Authentic Education programs in addition to the minimum monthly payment for any programs you have invested in, that are facilitated by Benjamin J Harvey or Cham Tang.

Crew Dollars can not be applied to the Author Express program, PHD Support or other products or services offered by Authentic Education.

Every event has different specifications so you will be given more information about Crew Dollars when you have been accepted to Crew at either a Free Event or Paid Program.

If you have any questions or you wish to apply your crew dollars, please contact finance@authentic.com.au.

Crewing Dates and Request Form

Please scroll down and review the dates for our events and programs.

Then you need to fill out the request form with your details, selecting the programs that you would like to crew! Please note that limited positions are available for each event & some events have a wait list already!

We will then contact you about your request and provide further details on the training provided and the event.

We look forward to helping you help others.