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Certified Results Coach

Sally Otake - Certified Results Coach in Auckland, New Zealand

Author / Founder of Sanctuary New Zealand

​​Coaching Services

  • Self Branding - People buy stories of who you are. Let’s find out your true value to stand out and attract people to your personal and professional life
  • Personal Transformation - Your potential is much bigger than what you believe. I support you to rewire your brain to let go of your negative beliefs and start living your true self
  • Law of Attraction - Your belief and intention create your reality. By clarifying your true desires and taking action, you will be fully empowered to freely design your optimal life
Authentic Education accelerates your path to sharing your message, making a difference and making an income doing what you love. We achieve this through world class courses and an inspiring community.


  • Bachelor in Psychology (San Francisco State University)
  • Certified Results Coach


I promise to keep seeing your strengths and power to overcome anything on your journey of rediscovering yourself and start living your true life.


I am passionate about meeting people who are courageous enough to own their lives and journeying with them to witness their life transformations.

Sally Otake Certified Results Coach in Auckland New Zealand image

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“Let’s find out” is my motto because we never know until we try. Contact me for a free discovery session to find out if we can work out together.

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