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I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs to allow them to gain clarity, align with their values and achieve desired results in their life. With 15 years of experience, I have a unique skill set allowing me to change beliefs, connect to the Heart Intelligence, teach coherence communication and wealth creation strategies to improve every area of life. Combining mindset and spirituality as a trainer, mentor and coach I bring knowledge, insight, resilience, and clarity to support clients discover their own highest potential, explore new ideas and have the confidence to pursue their passion.


  • Internationally Certified Results Coach (Authentic Education)
  • HeartMath Coach, Mentor and Resilience Advantage Trainer
  • Published Author and speaker
  • Mindfulness expert (Rice University)
  • Master Instructor of Theta Healing


As a belief and strategy coach I support your goals, help you maintain your intention, embrace your inner knowledge, contribute to hold you accountable, and monitor your achievements. I am prepared, professional and confidential. I’d love to work with you to identify and change limiting beliefs and create resilience and a coherent state of being so you can become the highest version of yourself in any area of your life.


My passion is to inspire Women Entrepreneurs empowering them to believe in themselves and step into their power so they can reach their full potential and achieve goals over their expectation.

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