Ricardina Silva Empowering Minds Coach in Gold Coast

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Ricardina Silva - Empowering Minds Coach in Gold Coast

Founder of Empowering Minds Coaching, Certified Results Coach

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Empowering Minds Coaching is to support committed individuals like you to level up in life, whether the goals are personal, or business-related.

My role is to take your hand and help you to overcome the obstacles that you will find on the way to your goals, to work on your current identity to match the person you want to be and share tools to support your transformation and through life.

I will be using tools based on the latest brain research, positive psychology and ancient wisdom.

Authentic Education accelerates your path to sharing your message, making a difference and making an income doing what you love. We achieve this through world class courses and an inspiring community.


I have spent hundreds of hours researching and studying techniques that can deliver practical results independently your background.

I am a certified Results Coach with an ICF approved coaching, RTT Practitioner, Natural Healing practitioner with a master’s degree in international business.

My experience working with individuals across different countries and cultures allowed me to gain a better understanding of the human race and their struggles, which can be resumed in three major groups: health, relationships and wealth.

I have found if you are committed and trust in the process you overcome the struggles, and your life improves. There is no question about that!


Deliver rapid and lasting results. You do not need to spend years to see change to happen.

Stop losing time, go-around and reaching nowhere. I can help you to design the life you want and stay on the right path to achieve your goals.

Learning is part of me. So, another big promise is that my tailored coaching programs will always be based on the latest scientific research intertwined with a holistic approach.

Likewise, to keep growing I also have my own mentors to help me to grow even more as a human being and as a professional coach and mentor. As a result, you will always have access to this knowledge first hand through my programs.

I genuinely believe there is more than enough space in this universe for every single of us express our uniqueness in this material world. Dare to dream and expect to achieve great RESULTS!


My mission is to create positive change in the world, and I chose to help individuals and small business owners who are committed to better their lives.

Ricardina Silva Empowering Minds Coach in Gold Coast

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Everyone can change, so do you! You can be FREE from a belief structure that no longer serves you and is causing you emotional, physical and financial pain. My role is to liberate and empower you to reach your dreams. It only takes one step to start and the outcome can be simply amazing. I look forward to working with you and together start this life-changing journey.

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