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Andrea Finta - Mindset and Rapid Results Coach in Melaka, Malaysia

Mindset and Rapid Results Coach

​​Coaching Services

I offer personalized coaching services delivered through convenient phone or Zoom sessions. My transformative 9-week breakthrough results program empowers you to break free from stagnation and gain absolute clarity on your goals. Together, we will overcome obstacles that hinder your progress, enabling you to construct an empowering future aligned with your passion and authentic self.


  • Internationally Certified Rapid Results Coach
  • Neuro Transformation Coach
  • Master Practitioner Of Coaching
  • Certified Health Coach


I will support you embarking on a journey of Clarity and Achievement as I guide you in rewiring your brain and cultivating empowering habits. Experience a life of fulfillment as you gain deeper clarity about your purpose, goals and values, propelling you towards the meaningful outcomes you aspire to achieve.


I am passionate about empowering and helping men and women to discover their passion and be their true authentic self and create an empowering life they truly desire.

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