Deanne Eccles Results and Empowerment Coach in Melbourne

Certified Results and Empowerment Coach

Deanne Eccles - Certified Results and Empowerment Coach in Melbourne

Founder of The Iris Protocol Certified Results Coach, BA Dip Ed.

​​Coaching Services

  • Empowerment and Results Coaching Services which cultivate an empowered mindset in your career and everyday life.
  • Clarify the actions which are needed to gain the success you want.
  • Be emotionally resilient in tough situations while maintaining clear boundaries for yourself and others.
  • Harness the most from your time as your time is the most precious in this day and age.
Authentic Education accelerates your path to sharing your message, making a difference and making an income doing what you love. We achieve this through world class courses and an inspiring community.


  • BA Arts Dip Ed and Business
  • 8 years as a teacher, workshop educator and facilitator
  • 12 years as a business manager, owner and operator, Events co-ordinator, committee member as chairperson and Vice President in regional tourism
  • 3 years life coach (but really have been practicing for 25 years)
  • 25 years practicing artist with numerous disciplines

In the above fields, I have always been someone who inspires and sees potential in whatever situation while enabling it to become a reality.


My experience as a certified coach, teacher, and business owner and manager as well as a practising artist, I promise to use all of my life skills to enable you to achieve the success you believe you deserve. I will provide you with unique coaching tools and inspiring insight which is beyond what most coaches offer. I’ll provide tools for ongoing transformation and emotional resilience in tough situations. Whether you want to be more empowered in your everyday life or in your career, you will learn to draw from your own inner wisdom and strength to be unstoppable.

Envision your goals with clarity and create actions which enable them to happen.


My passion is to enable heart centred leaders in all walks of life who want to create a future which takes into account the future generations to come and the environment in which we live.

Deanne Eccles Results and Empowerment Coach in Melbourne

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