Winnie Peng Certified Life Coach in Melbourne

Certified Life Coach

Winnie Peng - Certified Life Coach in Melbourne

Founder of Epic Intellect, Results Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Coaching Services
Teenager Coaching Programs focusing on helping teenagers overcoming motivational issues, digital device addiction, manage stress (and other negative emotions) and finding their innate genius.

Parenting Coaching Programs focusing on helping parents to equip themselves with tools and strategies to help their children realise their full potential, becoming a more peaceful and enjoy parenthood.


I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience helping teenagers and parents achieve the transformation they desire, and I am a certified Results Coach with an ICF approved coaching program.

I have more than 15 years of experience in helping businesses and individuals transform and manage change. I give practical knowledge to assist my clients in developing their full potential.

My 20 years of meditation experience as well as being a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Practitioner (MBSR) helps me have a deeper understanding of the human mind to help you overcome different challenges.

​My Clinical Hypnotherapy practises and experiences allows me to assist you to remove the subconscious roadblocks and fast track your transformation. I learned under the guidance of Australia’s well-renowned Hypnotherapist, Rick Collingwood.


Using a personalised approach tailored specifically to the needs of each child, I help them to truly understand themselves, empowering them to master their minds, awaken their inner genius, create their own life-winning formula, align their strengths with their passion, in short, be the person they want to be and live life fulfilled.

Applying an all-encompassing approach, I also work with parents to develop better and more effective parenting strategies, to help bring out the best in their children, and in the process, build deep and long-lasting bonds with them.


My passion for the younger generation to succeed and achieve self-realization inspires my vision and my work- to help teenagers build confidence and connect with that inner drive that empowers and motivates them to succeed in life.

Winnie Peng Certified Life Coach in Melbourne

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There is a genius in every child. When you align your goal and your child’s goal, allowing them to develop authentically and learn the way they learn best, your child will surprise you no end.

Parenting can be fun and joyful when you learn to apply the right strategies and have the right assistance. I look forward to working with you to become a stress-free parent and unleash the full potential of your child.

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