Certified Results Coach and Children's Self-Esteem Coach

Mindy Tan - Certified Results Coach, and Children's Self-Esteem Coach in Singapore

Results Coach and Therapeutic Outdoor Leader, NatureDen Singapore

​​Coaching Services

I offer coaching sessions (through Zoom, in person, or by telephone) to help others (both children and adults) find their calling in life, and what they really want, clarify their priorities, and the meaning behind their dreams, clear blocks, and addictions, and achieve their goals. Whether it is achieving perfect health or making significant progress toward career fulfillment or personal growth, I can help.


  • Certified Results Coach with an ICF-approved coaching program
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree with Dean’s Commendation
  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Second Upper Honours)
  • Chartered Accountant of Singapore
  • Level 3 Forest School Leader


I offer a unique program called Coaching and Life Plan, which includes one-on-one sessions with me that are tailored to the specific needs of my clients. I am able to work with them in all areas of life, helping them establish priorities, clarify what they really want, help them set and achieve goals.


I enjoy helping many of my clients find their calling in life, even when they didn’t know it. This is a very fulfilling and crucial area to work on so that you can enjoy how you put your efforts into the world.

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