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Performance coaching is a process that helps people improve their performance in various areas of their lives, such as work or personal development. A critical aspect of performance coaching is self-awareness, which involves recognising your natural talents and abilities and using them to your advantage instead of focusing on your weaknesses. Another crucial element is identifying unconscious thinking patterns that may limit your performance and working to overcome them. Performance coaching helps individuals set achievable goals, create action plans, and develop the necessary skills and behaviours to succeed. We use the world's best assessment platform, Advanced Insights, to discover your unconscious thinking patterns, biases and 77 strengths and weaknesses.


  • People Insights Consultant at Layered Insights
  • Transformational Leadership & Culture Change Consultant at Chaordic Global Consulting
  • Business Advisory at Build Your Ideal Business
  • The Value Orientations Certificate (Spiral Dynamics)
  • International Coaching Certification from International Coaching Federation


Performance coaching provides several benefits to individuals who seek guidance in achieving their personal or professional goals:

  1. Coaching helps people identify their natural talents and strengths and learn how to utilise them effectively to achieve their objectives.
  2. Coaching helps uncover and address limiting thought patterns and behaviours that may prevent them from realising their full potential.
  3. Coaches provide tailored guidance and support to their clients, which can help them stay motivated and on track towards their desired outcomes.


I’m a passionate learner; you will find the big word “Curiosity” inside if you cut me in half.

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