Helen Glen Transformational Coach in Sydney

Founder of Helen Glen International

Helen Glen - Founder of Helen Glen International

Transformational Coach in Sydney

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Through therapeutic art, clients learn to express themselves with Mandala Art and move from A to B. In this process with heartfelt emotions to empower themselves. Results coaching assists women in business see 'transformAction' in their lives and business.

Authentic Education accelerates your path to sharing your message, making a difference and making an income doing what you love. We achieve this through world class courses and an inspiring community.


  • Certified Results Coach with an ICF-approved coaching program
  • Online Marketing
  • Small Business Management
  • Mediations Instructor
  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach


I’m committed to providing results with professional coaching, mentoring and programs for women to see their lifestyle and businesses transform by engaging in my services and programs.


I’m passionate about assisting women to see balance and make lifestyle changes.

Helen Glen Transformational Coach in Sydney

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I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to have the three F’s: Flexibility, Fun and Freedom to have anything you want!

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